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Ranking All 39 Bob Dylan Studio Album- #24- Nashville Skyline. 1969. Bob Dylan’s 9th album. 3 1/2 stars.

The countdown so far 39- Dylan -1973 38- Down In The Groove -1988 37-Knocked Out Loaded- 1986 36-Christmas In The Heart- 2009 35-Under A Red Sky- 1990 34-Saved- 1980 33-Fallen Angels 2016 32- Good As I Been To You- 1992 31- World Gone Wrong 1993 30- Triplicate 2017. 29- Shadows In The Night. 2015 28- Self Portrait 1970- 27- Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan 1962, 26- Empire Burlesque 1985, 25- Street Legal 1978 and now #24- Nashville Skyline

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This may be the first somewhat controversial ranking I’ve had- I do know many people love this album- I like it- but in the ranking game there are so many more [23 to be exact} albums that I prefer to this. It is a pleasant listen but it is 1- much too short at 27 minutes 14 seconds and 2- like with Street Legal although I have never made a list of my Top 100 Dylan songs I am certain that nothing on this album would come close to making the cut. “Lay Lady Lay” was one of Dylan’s few hit singles- going to #7. I am again in a minority- I could take or leave it. I don’t see what the big fuss is about in the whole scheme of things- as far as great Dylan songs but I’ve seen many list it as their favorite Dylan song.

Bob 'n' Joni β€” Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline photo-shoot with...

The album is significant because Dylan went to Nashville, sang a duet with Johnny Cash appeared on Johnny’s television show- and drew big attention to Nashville. Kris Kristofferson “Our generation owes him our artistic lives,because he opened all the doors in Nashville when he did Blonde On Blonde and Nashville Skyline. The country scene was so conservative until he arrived. He brought in a whole new audience. He changed the way people thought about it – even the Grand Ole Opry was never the same again.” Another plus is Bob seems to be enjoying himself on this album. Dylan’s voice is very different on this album – a country croon -which was attributed to his temporarily having quit smoking. It isn’t a bad album I give it 3 1/2 stars. Maybe ranking this #24 is a compliment- it means there are 23 albums I like better. Ranking these albums is starting to get difficult. My favorite song on the album- “I Threw It All Away.”

Long lost Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash session set for release


  1. I love this album, so I’ll just go ahead and empathize with you in your effort to rank Dylan’s albums from here on out. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing how it’s unveiled.

  2. Even though Lay Lady Lay sounds different than his usual, I really like it. I’m not sure why you think you overrated it. It has at least 3 good songs (Lay Lady Lay, the one you highlighted, and the Girl from the North Country. Like Stephen, interested in seeing how you rank the rest.

    Oh, I also wanted to say that this weekly feature is a good one to see how fast time is going. The weeks are flying by — hopefully to a brighter 2021 than 2020 was.

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