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Girls! Girls! Girls”- “Peg” -Steely Dan. “Peg” was the first single from Steely Dan’s highest chart album Aja which peaked at #3. “Peg” released as a single in November 1977 would just fall short of the top 10-peaking at #11. For decades there has been speculation as to just who “Peg” is- one had it being a reference to an old Broadway star- and Hollywood actress named Peg Entwistle but Donald Fagan this year said “There’s no hidden meaning. We just wanted a dotted half note for that spot and Peg was short enough to fit with the music.” Fagen added that the song “takes place at a seedy photo shoot in L.A…from the perspective of [a] jilted boyfriend.” Pitchfork in naming it the 87th best song of the 70’s describing it as the “perfect Steely Dan song, and one of the strangest hits to ever grace the mainstream.

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