Hans Remembers- Sunday November 1, 1970 -50 Years Ago.

  • Congo’s President Joseph Mobutu sure was a popular fellow- he won a yes-no vote for a 7 year term as president -balloting was not secret- 10,131,669 voted ‘Yes” and only 157 voted “No”- those 157 were probably never heard from again. Mobutu would remain in power until his death in 1997.
  • A fire killed 146 people outside of Saint-Laurent-du-Port, France- at a dance hall. The emergency exits had been padlocked in order to keep people from entering the building without paying. The fire reportedly started after a patron had lit a cigarette and then tossed the burning match aside rather than extinguishing it.
  • Craziness in Karachi, Pakistan- Zygfryd Wolniak the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland and Chaudhri Mohammed the deputy director of Pakistan’s Inelligence Bureau were killed by a truck during an attempt to kill Mrian Spychalski Poland’s President. The driver mistook Wolnik for Spychalski- and shouted “I have done my job”-

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