2020 Album Draft- Round 12- Pick 4- Compilation- MSJADELI selects- Pearl Jam- Lost Dogs.

Lost Dogs is a two-disc compilation album by the American alternative rock band Pearl Jam, released on November 11, 2003 through Epic Records. The album has been certified gold by the RIAA in the United States.

The type of compilation album I’m most familiar with is the “best of” or “greatest hits” of. Lost Dogs isn’t that. As the title implies, they are stray songs that, for the most part, are ones that weren’t chosen for one reason or another. To be honest, when I looked at the title and the album cover, I didn’t expect much. I wasn’t disappointed to learn that it isn’t one of those albums you listen to a few times then shove it up on the shelf to gather dust. There is a rich amalgam of offerings here that has kept it dust-free for many moons now. To me, Lost Dogs is like an interesting painting that has pretty colors and textures that stay fresh.

Lost Dogs is a double-disc collection of B-sides and other released and unreleased rarities. The album includes the hidden track “4/20/02” at the end of disc two, a tribute to Alice in Chains front man Layne Staley. It was written by vocalist Eddie Vedder during the recording sessions for Riot Act on the day that he heard the news of Staley’s death.

File:Pearl Jam New York 2016 02.JPG

Disc 1 All Night/ Sad/ Down /Hitchhiker/ Don’t Gimme No Lip/ Alone/ In the Moonlight /Education /Black, Red, Yellow/ You/ Leaving Here/ Gremmie Out of Control /Whale Song /Undone/ Hold On/ Yellow Ledbetter

Disc 2 Fatal/ Other Side /Hard to Imagine/ Footsteps/ Wash/Dead Man /Strangest Tribe /Drifting/ Let Me Sleep /Last Kiss /Sweet Lew /Dirty Frank /Brother /Bee Girl

Pearl Jam - The Home Shows - Safeco Field

My choices will give you an idea of the range held within the two discs, from hard-hitting (All Night) to heart-breaking (Whale Song) to ear-wormer (Don’t Gimme No Lip) to outright metaphysical (Strangest Tribe) to ethereal (Bee Girl.)


  1. Nice! I hadn’t heard of this compilation, but you explain why in that it’s not a conventional “greatest hits” – though a few of those, like “Yellow Ledbetter” and “Last Kiss” were pretty big on radio at least . A cool minor twist on the theme (the compilation of lesser-known ones) and sounds like it would be a necessary add for the diehard PJ fan. Thanks for telling us about it!

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    • Thanks, Jeff, and yes 🙂 Another thing I noticed this morning about the compilation as I burned my discs onto the computer is that most of the songs are *not* written by Vedder! Only “Bee Girl” of the ones I chose to highlight were. Master musicians every one. You’ll also notice the pics I chose include Boom Gaspar, the “unofficial” member of the band. Nice they’ve started including him!

  3. Great pick Lisa…I like this. This reminds me a bit of The Who’s Odd and Sods. Not a greatest hits but songs that got put on the back burner that deserve to be heard.

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