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Hans Remembers- Monday October 26, 1970- 50 years ago.

  • After a three and a half year layoff due to being stripped of his heavyweight title and denied the opportunity to box- The Greatest Muhammad Ali returned to the ring and began his comeback by defeating Jerry Quarry in the third round of a scheduled 15 rounder in Atlanta. Ali’s record now was 30 wins no losses. When I think of Jerry Quarry I think of cuts- he cut and bled easily.
  • A busy day for President Richard Milhous Nixon- he issued an executive order requiring all federal government ground government cars and trucks to being using unleaded gasoline if possible. The Tricky One also signed the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Bank Secrecy Act and the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970.
  • Garry Trudeau’s politically themed comic strip Doonesbury made its debut in 25 newspapers in the United States.
  • Mrs. Alta Mae Anderson mother of Meredith Hunter the Altamont festival concert goer who was murdered by the Hell’s Angels while The Rolling Stones were playing- filed suit against the Stones for hiring the notorious outlaws for concert security.

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  1. That’s sad. What a paltry sum to offer someone who lost their child to maniacs they should have vetted better before employing them.

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