John t scopes.jpg

Hans Remembers- Wednesday October 21, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

  • Dying on this day was teacher John T. Scopes- who back in 1925 was the subject of one of the Trials of The Century- he was a teacher in Dayton,Tennessee charged with teaching evolution. The Scopes Monkey Trial- which included on the defense Clarence Darrow and the prosecution William Jennings Bryan- ended with Scopes being found guilty and being fined $100. Scopes died of cancer on this day in Shreveport, Louisiana at the age of 70.
  • Ernest Haller -American cinematographer who won the Academy Award for best cinematography for Gone With The Wind- killed in an automobile accident in Marina Del Ray, California- he was 74.
  • A U.S. Army plane strayed off course while making a short flight within Turkey-landing by mistake in the Soviet Union in Leninakan in the Azerbaijan, SSR. The plane was carrying two generals- Major General Edward C.D. Scherrer and Brig, General Claude McQuarry Jr. The Soviets held the two generals for almost three weeks before releasing them.

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