Billboard #1 Hits: #332: “Annie’s Song”- John Denver. July 27, 1974. #1 for 2 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

  • Single: “Annie’s Song”- John Denver
  • Record Company-RCA
  • Genre: Folk Rock
  • Written by John Denver
  • Time: 2:58
  • B-side:”Cool an’ Green an’ Shady”
  • Album- Back Home Again
  • Grade: B
  • Peaked at #1 2 weeks in Billboard Hot 100. #1 in UK Singles Chart #1 in Canada.

John Denver’s second #1 hit- he was riding high on the singles chart in the mid-70’s. It also went to #1 in the UK- which was odd for Denver- it was his only major hit in the UK. Denver wrote “Annie’s Song” in about ten minutes one day on a ski lift in Aspen, Colorado. It was an ode to his wife at the time Annie Denver. This is just off the top of my head I am sure there is more- Denver writes this for his wife, Billy Joel writes “She’s Always A Woman” for his wife, George Harrison writes “Something” inspired by his wife Pattie and a decade or so later Eric Clapton writes “Wonderful Tonight” about Pattie- all the marriages end in divorce. Any of the examples?

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  1. from an NPR interview between Terry Gross and Ray Davies, about “I Go to Sleep” (and other songs)
    GROSS: But it’s about obsession with a girl. I mean, they both are.

    DAVIES: They are, yes. But “I Go To Sleep” is about someone on a journey and missing somebody. And sleep has always been a big issue in my life because I’m a very bad sleeper even since I was a baby. I was born just postwar. And there were still what they call doodle bugs being sent from Germany to bomb England. So it was the tail-end of the Second World War, 1945. So – and apparently, I was a really bad sleeper. And so sleep is a constant recurring theme in my music.

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