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Ranking Bob Dylan’s 39 Studio Albums: #33: Fallen Angels. Bob Dylan’s 37th album- released on May 20, 2016. 3 Stars out of 5.

The countdown of Bob Dylan albums worst to first continues- a summary of the countdown so far- 39- Dylan 38- Down In The Groove 37- Knocked Out Loaded 36-Christmas In The Heart 35- Under A Red Sky 34- Saved

Now it starts to get more difficult -from this point on I have at least a 3 star rating for each album -of course some I like better than others.

From 2012’s Tempest until this years Rough And Rowdy Ways, Bob Dylan didn’t release any original music what he did was again unpredictable. Dylan released three albums of songs from the Great American Songbook- 2015’s Shadow’s In The Night, 2016’s Fallen Angels and a triple album of covers Triplicate in 2017. I enjoy all three of these albums but they are what they are- a great artist known for his own work- covering other material.

On Fallen Angels- Dylan continues his tribute to the great Frank Sinatra. There is only one song on here “Skylark” which hadn’t been covered by Sinatra. Another thing Bob does here is follows something Sinatra was famous for especially in his great years at Capitol where Sinatra invented the concept album- an album with a theme- and on Fallen Angels Dylan has recorded a collection of melancholy songs of resignation. The only song which doesn’t seem to fit the mood is “That Old Black Magic”- the next to last song on the album. An understated and enjoyable album- a thumbs up for sure. I feel kind of conflicted in ranking this at #33. It may be a better album than a few albums of Dylan originals- but I feel that those albums of Dylan’s originals-are because they are Dylan doing Dylan are more important- and play on my turntable more often than an album of covers. Favorites on Fallen Angels- “All Or Nothing At All”, “It Had To Be You”, ‘Melancholy Mood” and “All The Way.”

Fallen Angel got nearly universally good reviews and it did well on the charts- #7 in the US album chart and #5 in the UK.


  1. All or Nothing at All sounds a lot like Tom Waits. Before listening, the title is the same as one of Steve Miller’s “Born 2B Blue” cuts but a totally different song.

  2. Sorry for the late comment. I saw him on this tour as I think you did. It’s one of Bailey’s favorite albums. He loves the Sinatra songs.

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