45cat - Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It / Rock And Roll Widow -  Capitol - USA - B-5354

American Top 40 replay- The 1980’s- week of September 1, 1984. A pretty good week with two Prince classics in the Top 10. I count 31 A’s and B’s- sadly the worst song in this countdown- is from the greatest artist- Stevie Wonder jumping the shark with ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You”- one of the worst hits ever by a major artist. Lame.

1 2 WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT –•– Tina Turner (Capitol)-16 (1 Week at #1) (1) A
2 5 MISSING YOU –•– John Waite (EMI-America)-11 (2) B+
3 3 STUCK ON YOU –•– Lionel Richie (Motown)-11 (3) B
4 1 GHOSTBUSTERS –•– Ray Parker, Jr. (Arista)-12 (1) B-
5 4 WHEN DOVES CRY –•– Prince (Warner Brothers)-14 (1) A+
6 9 SHE BOP –•– Cyndi Lauper (Portrait)-7 (6) B
7 8 SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT –•– Corey Hart (EMI-America)-15 (7) B
8 16 LET’S GO CRAZY –•– Prince & The Revolution (Warner Brothers)-5 (8) A+
9 11 IF THIS IS IT –•– Huey Lewis & The News (Chrysalis)-7 (9) B
10 10 IF EVER YOU’RE IN MY ARMS AGAIN –•– Peabo Bryson (Elektra)-17 (10) B-

11 13 THE WARRIOR –•– Scandal Featuring Patty Smyth (Columbia)-10 (11)B
12 12 ROUND AND ROUND –•– Ratt (Atlantic)-12 (12) A
13 15 LIGHTS OUT –•– Peter Wolf (EMI-America)-8 (13)A
14 18 DRIVE –•– The Cars (Elektra)-5 (14) A
15 6 I CAN DREAM ABOUT YOU –•– Dan Hartman (MCA)-18 (6) A
16 21 THE GLAMOROUS LIFE –•– Sheila E. (Warner Brothers)-12 (16) A+
17 17 ROCK ME TONITE –•– Billy Squier (Capitol)-9 (17) C
18 7 STATE OF SHOCK –•– The Jacksons with Mick Jagger (Epic)-10 (3) B-
19 22 ALL OF YOU –•– Julio Iglesias & Diana Ross (Columbia)-9 (19) C
20 24 DYNAMITE –•– Jermaine Jackson (Arista)-7 (20) C

21 26 CRUEL SUMMER –•– Bananarama (London)-7 (21) A-
22 29 COVER ME –•– Bruce Springsteen (Columbia)-4 (22) A
23 28 WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES –•– Night Ranger (MCA / Camel)-8 (23) D
24 20 SEXY GIRL –•– Glenn Frey (MCA)-10 (20) D
25 14 SAD SONGS (Say So Much) –•– Elton John (Geffen)-13 (5) B
26 31 WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT –•– Twisted Sister (Atlantic)-6 (26) A
27 27 LEAVE A TENDER MOMENT ALONE –•– Billy Joel (Columbia)-9 (27) B-
28 32 HARD HABIT TO BREAK –•– Chicago (Full Moon / Warner Brothers)-5 (28) B-
29 19 DANCING IN THE DARK –•– Bruce Springsteen (Columbia)-15 (2) A+
30 35 TORTURE –•– The Jacksons (Epic)-3 (30) C

31 33 RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE –•– Eurythmics (RCA)-7 (31) B+
32 23 PANAMA –•– Van Halen (Warner Brothers)-11 (13) B+
33 46 I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU –•– Stevie Wonder (Motown)-3 (33) F
34 39 THE LUCKY ONE –•– Laura Branigan (Atlantic)-5 (34) C
35 40 GO INSANE –•– Lindsey Buckingham (Elektra)-6 (35) A+
36 36 17 –•– Rick James (Gordy)-8 (36) B-
37 42 THERE GOES MY BABY –•– Donna Summer (Geffen)-4 (37) B
38 38 TWO SIDES OF LOVE –•– Sammy Hagar (Geffen)-8 (38) C
39 41 ONLY WHEN YOU LEAVE –•– Spandau Ballet (Chrysalis)-6 (39) B
40 49 LUCKY STAR –•– Madonna (Sire)-2 (40) A+

18 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40- THE 80’S- WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 1, 1984

    • If we started back then…yea technically it could. I always think of 84 as my Jr class. It was real close to starting so I guess so

    • Sometimes after September 1st …. there was one year that it was near October because of asbestos. They had to clear it.

    • I remember hating Labor Day because that meant we went back to school the next day on Tuesday! Summer seemed to last forever to me when i was young.

    • how did you feel that year when you went back in October due to the asbestos removal? I can’t imagine what this summer vacation was like- the kids in our town- were out in mid-March due to the virus and just went back this week. I imagine some couldn’t wait to get back and of course others -it won’t be for a couple months before they get used to getting up early…. as a teacher I always liked having a really ‘bad’ kid first period they were still half asleep. you didn’t want to have the bad kid the last period of the day.

    • I loved it. We used every single day to do things because we knew it was special. I still remember that feeling.
      I bet many were glad to be back if they stayed at home mostly… probably few went on vacation or did much but text or play games. It took me a couple of weeks to be awake at work after 2 months.
      Good point about the bad kid… never thought of it like that.

    • other teachers who had the kid would i know get a little mad at me when they’d say so-and so caused them all kinds of problems and I would just say “I have him first period he never says a word!”.. yes you used that free time off to the Max….there was a winter back in 1976-77 when we were off Christmas vacation and then in January due to a cold winter and the energy crisis I think we had a couple days of school in January- they’d cancel school on a Sunday night for the rest of the week- it was always great knowing in advance like that- we have the whole week off! Then the next Sunday they’d do it again!

    • I don’t know about you guys but we treated those days like those were extra days given to our lives… it was like an extra Christmas. The winter of 77 here was a bad one. I lived on a dangerous road and when it snowed bad here schools would be off for a week or two and then my bus would not run when they opened and that bought me 2-5 Days excuse absences.

      We had a snowbird report with our counties on the weather map with snow… I would be a happy boy. That meant closure.

    • When I think of that winter- there was snow on the ground from thanksgiving to mid- March- and I lived at the top of a hill- the road seemed to be covered with snow most of the winter- a lot of sled riding. Sure did use that time off well. I am glad there were no cell phones back then.

    • Oh geez I’m glad we didn’t have cell phones either.
      Jen tells me about the snow WV got back then… it was incredible.
      Our big snow would be 5-7 inches but that would knock the schools out for sometimes 2 weeks. Now we hardly get any.

      Sledding was so much fun. We would walk up frozen creeks also.

    • I remember thinking after that winter- every winter is going to be like this- of course if i recall correctly the next winter was very mild.. and then we got into the pattern where about every winter was mild. Same here little snow now- last year I only had to shovel snow once- and it wasn’t much of a snow actually a couple inches.

    • Since then… it’s been mild. It just stopped all together pretty much.

      The last memory I have of that winter in 77 was a… maybe you remember this… a front came through and dumped a lot of snow and then doubled back and dumped snow again. We got around 7-10 inches… also I remember seeing it thunder and lightning and snowing at night. The only time I remember that.

    • That is crazy- I can’t recall that but it probably happened here also.. Another memory I have of that winter- our sidewalk since the temps never warmed up all winter- iced over and finally after a good period of time my dad decided it may never warm up- so we went out and cleared the ice off the sidewalk- it was very thick and seemed to take forever. I remember how happy I was when we were finally done with that job. That was the one time I wish I wasn’t the oldest child!

    • Oh man…clearing thick ice off a sidewalk? That doesn’t sound like a good time at all! I had to clear the porch but that is all…we lived in the country…no sidewalk…thank goodness lol.

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