Hans Remembers- Saturday August 29, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

New York Yankees: Mickey Mantle plays his last game at Yankee Stadium
  • The great #7 Mickey Mantle came back to the Yankees as first base coach on this day. Mantle possibly the greatest talent to ever play the game- didn’t really take to coaching, most great players don’t. You ever notice how most of the great coaches in any sport weren’t very good players? There are exceptions to the rule but not many.
  • The Chicano Moratorium against the Vietnam War began in East Los Angeles. The parade became violent with three days of rioting. A columnist for the Los Angeles Times Ruben Salazar was found dead inside a cafe the victim of a high velocity tear-gas shell.
McDonnell Douglas DC-10 - Wikipedia
  • The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 a jumbo jet rival to Boeing’s 747 made its first flight. Leaving Long Beach, California and flying to Edwards Air Force Base. The aircraft designed to produce less noise than most aircraft and with room for 345 passengers went into service in August 1971.