Hans Remembers- Thursday August 13, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

  • Massachusetts becomes the first state to enact no-fault insurance in motor-vehicle accidents. Governor Francis Sargent signed the bill at 8:10 in the evening during a televised news conference in Boston. The law would go into effect January 1, 1971.
Super Bowl: Elvis Grbac cherishes memories of playing for both the ...
  • Former NFL Quarterback Elvis Grbac- Grbac played for the San Francisco 49ers, KC Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens from 1993-2001. He played his college football at Michigan. He was born 50 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio.
Alan Shearer Profile, News & Stats | Premier League
  • English footballer Alan Shearer- one of the great strikers of his generation was born 50 years ago in Gosforth,Newcastle upon Tyne, England. From 1988-2006 Shearer scored 283 goals for Southampton,Blackburn and Newcastle. He has the most goals scored in English Premier League history.

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