Billboard #1 Hits: #277: “Along Again {Naturally}- Gilbert O’Sullivan. July 29, 1972. #1 for 6 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

  • Single: “Alone Again {Naturally}- Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • Record Company- MAM
  • Genre: Pop
  • Written by Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • Time: 3:36
  • B-side: “Save It”
  • Grade- C
  • Peaked at #1 6 weeks in Billboard Hot 100. #36 in UK Singles Chart.

Gilbert O’Sullivan’s first hit -and it went to #1 for 6 weeks and was the fifth most popular single of the 70’s on the Billboard Singles Chart. O’Sullivan born Raymond O’Sullivan 1946 in Waterford, Ireland -had 5 Top 40 hits in 1972-73- and that was it. 3 made the Top 10. What happened?

O’Sullivan has said that the song isn’t autobiographical. He was 21 when he wrote it. He just viewed it as another song he wrote. I liked it as a teenager-but today this is one of those songs I look back on and can’t believe I actually liked it. I would have gave it an A in the mid 70’s and a gentleman’s C today. Neil Diamond covered the song. It was only a big hit in the U.S. I don’t know what that says about the United States in 1972.


  1. Gotta disagree with you on this one – to me another “A” for sure, albeit a fairly downbeat one. 1972 was such a fine year for more or less “one off” hit singles…”Brandy You’re A Fine Girl”, “Go all the Way”, “Without You”, “”Me and Mrs JOnes”, this one …(I know gilbert and Nilsson each had a few other hits but they’re mainly only remembered for the one)

  2. One of the underrated master songwriters is Gilbert O’Sullivan. I had one of his albums and lost it. A friend gave me a lengthy mix CD that I pull out every so often and listen to. He takes me to another place as I listen. He’s gentle, intuitive, and consistently good.

    • I don’t understand what happened to him- it’s like he disappeared- I know he is still out there but it was like he went into hiding.

  3. I agree with Dave on this. I adored this song, and couldn’t get enough of it back in 1972. While my love for it has tempered a bit, I still think it’s a great song, and it would rank among my top 40 songs of the 70s.

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