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2020 Album Draft- Round 3- Pick 8: Run-Sew- Read selects- Alison Krauss & The Cox Family: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.

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This album is a 1994 collaboration that I ‘discovered’ in the early 2000s, when I was trying to decide whether to buy the soundtrack from ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’. I like some bluegrass, and I like a smaller amount of gospel, but I don’t actually own or listen to much at all from those genres. This album by Alison and The Cox Family is a very pleasant blend of the two, that captivated me from the beginning, and still gets regular play in my house. It has a great calming feel to it. The album includes a few well-known songs, such as Where No One Stands Alone’, and ‘Loves Me Like A Rock’. But it’s the other, lesser known songs that are my favorites.

There are several talented vocalists on this album, who trade off at lead. My favorite vocal combination is Suzanne Cox and Alison Krauss. Their voices blend beautifully to my ears.

There is one sad song, that I used to skip at first, and then it grew to become one of my favorites; although it still brings on the tears. It is ‘Far Side Bank of Jordan’. Willard Cox’s voice and delivery is literal and believable, as one side of a conversation between a couple about when one of them dies. See why it’s sad? The rest of the voices make lovely harmonies for the chorus. Johnny Cash and others have performed this song, but Willard’s version is my preferred, and the one I heard first.

My favorite songs on the album are: Will There Be Any Stars, Remind Me Dear Lord, I Know Who Holds Tomorrow, I’d Rather Have Jesus, Far Side Bank of Jordan, and Jewels. All but two of those are Suzanne and/or Alison on vocals.


  1. While the name Alison Krauss rang a bell because of her 2007 collaboration album with Robert Plant, I pretty much know nothing about bluegrass. Based on listening into some of the tunes on this record, it does sound pretty. I’m a huge fan of vocals and harmony singing!

    • She’s been so prolific, it’s really hard to boil her songs down to a few suggestions. (Only two other people have won more Grammys than Alison.) Her songs with her band Union Station are nice, and the album ‘Raising Sand’ where she collaborated with Robert Plant is incredibly good, imo. The song, ‘Please Read the Letter’ was the hit from her album with Plant. I’m so sad to have missed out on that tour. They did a live version of Battle of Evermore. On the country side, she did a duet with Brad Paisley called ‘Whiskey Lullaby’, and a Christmas duet with Alan Jackson called ‘The Angels Cried’. I’m sure I’ve overlooked a lot.

    • PS I should probably suggest a couple of specific songs with Union Station, since there are a lot to weed through; many of which don’t feature her voice. My faves are the ones where her voice is prominent. Two of those are ‘The Lucky One’ and ‘Let Me Touch You For Awhile’.

  2. What a cool pick. I dont have this but I can imagine how good it is (the track sounds good to me). Krauss just has so much music in her. The only problem I have with bluegrass is once I start listening I get lost in it for a while. Usually a long while. Again very good pick (of the beaten track) and perfect listening for a morning (where I’m at).

  3. Wow, kudos to you on going with something unusual! I know her name but besides one or two tracks from her collaboration with Plant, don’t know much of her music… just listening to the video that was attached… sounding quite nice!

    • Thanks! It felt like we were all building a great pool of rock music, and here I went and wee’d in it. :p I’m glad to break out with something different though. Surely there will be more picks that surprise us all.

    • right now I’m thinking my next pick will be a lot more obscure than my last, Sgt. Pepper (but then again it would be a challenge to get one MORE obscure than that!) It’s a great event Hans has put together here, I think we’re all remembering some fine stuff we’d forgotten and maybe learning some new ones.

    • You had to grab Sgt Pepper before someone else did. 🙂 You’ve peaked my curiosity about what you’ll pick next. This draft has certainly been interesting and fun. It has me digging deep into my collection, and my memory. I’m looking forward to seeing lots more interesting picks.

    • I was into Alison Krauss and Union Station back on maybe their second album- had read about them somewhere. My dad was big into Bluegrass- he liked her too. Surprise pick- but a good one.

  4. Seems I remember hearing a collaboration with Alison and Randy Crowell, but not for sure. I like the mellow, relaxing atmosphere the selection you chose generates. Nice pic, Diana!

  5. I’ve had some Union Station cds given to me by a family member who knew some Union Station members. I’ve always liked her voice so I need to check this one out… Good pick…we have some diversity going on.

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