Hans Remembers- Wednesday July 22, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

  • Another hijacking- in that era of hijacking- but this one wasn’t in the United States- Olympic Airways Flight 255 was hijacked by six Arab terrorists shortly after takeoff on a flight from Beirut to Athens. Their demands were the release of seven members of their group who were in Greek jails- two of which were awaiting trial for a 1969 attack that had killed a Greek child and injured 13 others. When the jet landed in Athens the terrorists released everyone but the crew of seven and a civilian hostage to Cairo, where they surrendered after Greece complied with their demands.
Anglian Tower, Museum Gardens, York - Jorvik.co.uk
  • British archaeologist Jeffrey Radley was killed in the collapse of a trench during the excavation of the 13th century old Anglian Tower. Radley was 40.
Not in Hall of Fame - 2. Sergei Zubov
  • Born on this date former long time hockey defenseman Sergei Zubov who played in the NHL from 1992-2009 mainly with the Dallas Stars. He scored 152 goals in his career. He was part of the 1994 N.Y. Rangers and 1999 Dallas Stars Stanley Cup championships.

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