Hans Remembers- Monday July 20, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

  • “Lucy The Elephant”- a 60 foot tall wooden landmark in Margate City, New Jersey made in the shape of an elephant was moved to a new location after it had been slated for demolition in order to clear the way for the building of a condominium. The building had been a fixture since it was constructed in 1881 by James V. Lafferty. It was saved by a committee of Margate citizens who raised the funds to have it moved two blocks to city-owned property. Earlier in 2020 Lucy The Elephant became the first and only National Historical Landmark overnight stays.
Today June 20, 1970 - both Carpenters appear as the bachelor and ...
  • The Carpenters- brother and sister act Richard and Karen appeared on The Dating Game. They performed their hit “{They Long To Be} Close To You” and both chose from three suitors – although neither of them would actually go on their dates.
  • Bill Singer of the Los Angeles Dodgers- who less than a month earlier had lost a no hitter with 2 outs in the 9th inning against the Atlanta Braves, threw a no-hitter against the Philadelphia Phillies. Singer also allowed no walks- but the Dodgers committed two errors- no perfect game. In June Singer had spent 3 weeks in the hospital with hepatitis.
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  • Iain Macleod- after only a month in office as British Chancellor of the Exchequer died suddenly at the age of 56. Macleod had served only 18 days before being hospitalized on July 8th for an emergency appendectomy almost immediately after making a speech during the opening of Parliament. He was discharged only a day before his fatal heart attack which took place at the Chancellor’s official residence at 11 Downing Street in London. Macleod was second only to Prime Minister Edward Heath in the new Conservative government.

4 responses to “HANS REMEMBERS- MONDAY JULY 20, 1970- 50 YEARS AGO

  1. That elephant makes a trip to NJ seem worthwhile!
    I liked Bill Singer as a kid. I think he was first player signed to Toronto Blue Jays though I don’t know if he ever pitched for the ‘northern’ blue & white squad.

    • Singer if I remember correctly had arm problems- but was another talented Dodgers pitcher from that 60’s-70’s era. He did finish his career 2-8 on the 1977 Blue Jays done at age 33.

    • One wonders what guys like him and Don Gullett (another 70s pitcher I liked) would have done had they refined Tommy John surgery back then to modern standards.

    • True. It’s always interesting looking at the career stats of pitchers in the past- and you see good years and then all the sudden-usually at a young age either a bad year or a year with very little games pitched- and the career ends.

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