Hans Remembers- Sunday July 12, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Jack Nicklaus leaps into the air after sinking the winning putt in ...
  • The Bear- Jack Nicholas won the British Open held at St. Andrews in Scotland in an 18 hole playoff against Doug Sanders. Both were tied at 283 after 72 holes when Sanders missed a three foot putt on the 18th hold. Nicholas sank a 7 foot putt on the same hole to win 72 to 73. This British Open win would be the 2nd of Nicholas’s three Open victories.
Ra II 1970 - Open to oceans: Difficult expeditions on makeshift ...
  • Thor Heyerdahl’s papyrus boat Ra II that had departed Morocco on May 17th with a crew of seven- arrived in Barbados bringing an end to its 3200 mile journey across the Atlantic. Heyerdahl’s goal was to prove that the ancient Egyptians could have crossed the ocean 3500 years before the voyage of Columbus. The Ra II became waterlogged as it approached Barbados and had to be towed the last eight miles.

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  1. I remember them! The funny thing is, Columbus had a “copy” of the Piri Reis map, which was *compiled* in the early 1500s, meaning, I guess, they put the map together from an EARLIER source. Only part of the map survives, but it clearly shows the west coast of Africa, Europe, and most tellingly….Brazil! You know in South America they have those statues of faces that look extremely African. They attempted to explain them away by saying the statues “fell over” onto the face, flattening the nose! Omg! That was their explanation for the wide, African noses on the statues! But even more than that–how could the South Americans have step pyramids just like the Egyptians? I don’t think there were iPhones back then, right? Seems pretty clear they got their information from the masters of pyramid building, doesn’t it? So weird how academia has toiled for decades to obfuscate and “rationalize” away the fact that ancient ethnic people were sailing around, in all probability, way before the Europeans–before the Vikings and obviously before Mr. I Got Lost And Named the Native Americans Indians Even Though I was Nowhere Near India, lol !!!

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