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I have gathered 9 other bloggers and we are having a sports like draft- or music albums. We will have 10 rounds and 100 picks overall.

2020 Album Draft- Round 1- Pick 1- Cincinnati Babyhead selects – The Who- Live At Leeds -Released 50 years ago- May 23, 1970. Here is Cincinnati Babyhead’s write up on his selection!

Here is a link to – Cincinnati Babyhead’s blog- https://cincinnatibabyhead.wordpress.com/

“When a young man ain’t got nothin in the world these days “
 CB’s first album pick, the original ‘The Who Live At Leeds’.  Not an easy task choosing the album to start things off but on the other hand it really wasn’t that hard. When Hans approached me about this idea obviously all sorts of choices went through my head. ‘Live At Leeds’ just seemed to make it’s way to the top. It wouldn’t get out of my ears. So why fight it.

‘Young Man Blues’ opens the album. It exploded into CB’s world at a very young age. The LP was in my older brothers record pile and from the moment I put the needle down on the first cut, my musical tastes would be shaped for ever. I had never heard anything like it. It was a case of the music choosing me. When I say “explode” I’m not kidding. It was loud, aggressive and sounded fantastic. I still get a charge from the opening cut. Hearing it today from a different perspective I really catch what a tight band these guys were. Basically a power trio with a perfect vocalist in Daltrey. Entwistle’s bass is out of this world. Moon’s bashing and crashing works perfectly. Townshend’s guitar runs are full of bravado and attitude. What a great sound.

This was live music at it’s best,live hard rock music. Capturing a space in time. I became a Who fan for life. The second cut is ‘Substitute’ a Who classic done with some umph. Eddie Cochran’s ‘Summer time Blues’ gets the “OO” treatment. It actually was on AM radio when I was kid.  Again the three amigos go to town on the cut. Making their sound. Roger and John share the vocals on a CB favorite. Man the energy these guys spent. No slowing down right into ‘Shakin All Over’. The Who at the top of their game. Relentless. 

Side two opens with ‘My Generation’ and includes some of the music from Tommy. Entwistle does some of his classic work on this one. Pete grabs the spotlight. I have always liked his playing. The band really does put a good medley together on this one. Moon also does some good work on this one. Man were these guys loud. ‘Magic Bus’ ends the record. They do such a good job on this one. They have the Bo Diddley beat. Then it’s explosion time again. WHAT A GREAT ALBUM!

That’s it folks.The right album at the right time for a young CB. The album sounds just as good today as it did then.  Slip on some headphones and jump into a time capsule and go back to when I discovered some of the best rock n roll music I’ve ever heard.



  1. Great choice for #1 CB… This is the best live rock band album ever to me. They were a machine on this album/tour…and tighter than I ever heard them.

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