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Ranking the #1 Billboard hits from 1970. An odd year- of the 21 #1 hits that year- there is only one that I don’t care for at all. After the turbulent 1960’s- 1970- at least music wise seemed be heading into a more mellow side. The singer-songwriter era had begun for good and ill.

  • 21. “Everything Is Beautiful”- Ray Stevens
  • 20. “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”- B.J. Thomas
  • 19. “Make It With You”- Bread
  • 18. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” -Diana Ross
  • 17.”I Think I Love You”- The Partridge Family
  • 16. “{They Long To Be} Close To You”- The Carpenters
  • 15. “Cracklin’ Rosie”- Neil Diamond
  • 14- “Mama Told Me {Not To Come}”- Three Dog Night
  • 13.”American Woman”- The Guess Who
  • 12- “The Love You Save”- The Jackson 5
  • 11-“ABC”- The Jackson 5
  • 10. “I’ll Be There”- The Jackson 5
  • 9. “Venus” -Shocking Blue
  • 8- “The Long And Winding Road”- The Beatles
  • 7-“Thank You [Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin”}- Sly and The family Stone
  • 6- “I Want You Back”- The Jackson 5
  • 5- “War”- Edwin Starr
  • 4- “The Tears Of A Clown”- Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  • 3-“My Sweet Lord”- George Harrison
  • 2- “Bridge Over Troubled Water”- Simon & Garfunkel
  • 1- “Let It Be”- The Beatles

11 responses to “RANKING THE #1 BILLBOARD HITS FROM 1970

  1. So which one did you not like? Carpenters? One of the Jackson tunes?

    In New York on the local radio, we also had “Which Way You Going Billy” as a #1 for quite a while

  2. Once again an impressive illustration that the times they are a changin! Nowadays, I have trouble to find even one song in the charts I like! Admittedly, I haven’t even tried in a long time. It’s too frustrating!

  3. I rank “Raindrops” and “Close to You” a lot higher than you because Hal David brought more wit to his lyrics than the typical songwriter of the day did, and on the other hand I don’t care much for the word salad of “Thank You” (the B-side “Everybody Is a Star” is much better). But I largely agree with you on the rest. We completely agree on “Everything Is Beautiful” being the worst and “Let It Be” being the best.

    • 1971’S #1 hits were tough to rank- if i did it over next year I am sure there would be a few changes in the order. The only one I didn’t like- was “Everything Is Beautiful” – in most years there are at least 3-4 I don’t care for at all. Agree with you on Hal David and I like the b-side “Everybody Is A Star” better also.

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