Hans Remembers- Tuesday June 30, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Opening night of Riverfront Stadium, 45 years ago. : Reds

  • In Cincinnati- Riverfront Stadium opened- it was one of the new cookie cutter multi-purpose stadiums that were popular to build in that era. The idea was- one stadium houses both your baseball and football teams. I attended only one game at Riverfront- I went to hundreds of games at Three Rivers in Pittsburgh- both very similar- drab. In the first game at Riverfront the Atlanta Braves beat the Cincinnati Reds 8-2. Who hit the first home run at the new stadium- Braves great Henry Aaron. Riverfront Stadium would host baseball’s All-Star Game a later in July.
  • Delegates to the Lutheran Church in America convention approved a resolution allowing women to be ordained as ministers.
The Hall of Fame Case for doubles-machine Mark Grudza ... Mark ...
  • Born on this day former major league baseball player Mark Grudzielanek who played for six teams over 15 seasons. He was an All-Star in 1996 and was a career .289 hitter. Grudzielanek played second base and shortstop.

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