Hans Remembers- Monday June 29, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Opinion | Was It Legal for the U.S. to Bomb Cambodia? - The New ...
  • U.S. ground troops were pulled out of Cambodia after two months. Overall 339 U.S. servicemen were killed in Cambodia in the 61 days .
On This Day: Sonny Liston cut up Chuck Wepner in his last fight ...
  • Former Heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Liston defeated Chuck Wepner- in what would prove to be Liston’s final victory when the fight was stopped due to Wepner’s severe bleeding. Liston was found dead at his home under mysterious circumstances six months later. Wepner- whose nickname was “The Bayonne Bleeder” would go on to fight Muhammad Ali for the title in 1974- and inspire Sly Stallone to come up with Rocky.
Liza Minnelli - Wikipedia
  • On NBC-TV Liza Minnelli’s special Liza aired featuring guests Anthony Newley, Jimmy Webb and Randy Newman.
Reinhold Messner's brother found on Nanga Parbat Update with ...
  • Gunther Messner an Italian mountaineer disappeared in the Pakistan Himalayan mountain range while descending Nanga Parbat the ninth highest mountain in the world. His remains would be found 35 years later.
Jonas Salk - Discoverer of the First Polio Vaccine - Biography
  • Jonas Salk the virologist who came up with the polio vaccine- was married on this day in Paris to painter Francoise Gilot.

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