Hans Remembers- Friday June 26, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Alexander Dubcek Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline
  • Alexander Dubcek who had led the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia during the reforms in the Prague Spring in 1968 was expelled from the organization by vote of the party’s Central Committee.
Frank Robinson: Hall of Famer and baseball pioneer in poor health
  • Frank Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles hit two grand slams in an Orioles 12-2 win over the Washington Senators. The future Hall of Famer played from 1966-71 with Baltimore- and those were the only two grand slams he would hit as an Oriole.
Nick Offerman calls Pittsburgh his 'Disneyland' | Pittsburgh Post ...
  • Nick Offerman actor and comedian best known as Ron Swanson in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation was born on this day in Juliet, Illinois.
Paul Thomas Anderson Sets 1970s High School Movie for 2020 ...
  • Paul Thomas Anderson- American filmmaker-Boogie Nights, Magnolia, There Will Be Blood- born this day in Los Angeles.
Kingston Bridge, Glasgow - Wikipedia
  • The Kingston Bridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow opened to traffic for Scotland’s M8 motorway. It is now the busiest bridge in Europe.

6 responses to “HANS REMEMBERS- FRIDAY JUNE 26, 1970- 50 YEARS AGO

    • Big fan of Frank! Under appreciated – Mays and Mantle got a lot of publicity- but Robinson- Aaron and Clemente all great too.

  1. Have you ever seen Parks & Recreation? It looks like it might be good. I switched over from firefox to Chrome on a trial basis last night. With firefox (an ghostery, an ad-blocking, cookie-blocking extension) I saw no ads. With Chrome I’m seeing all kinds of them on blogs 😦 I did a google search for retro furniture earlier today and now I’m seeing ads for retro furniture in your post 😦

  2. Small bit of personal celebrity trivia: Nick Offerman’s brother used to work in my office several years ago. He got married to the front desk girl and they moved away. But he was just as funny as his brother and very nice. Which leads me to think Nick’s probably the same. 🙂

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