Hans Remembers- Tuesday June 23, 1970- 50 years ago.

Les Wilson - HRH Prince Charles receives his MA degree from Cambridge
  • The heir apparent to the throne of the United Kingdom- Prince Charles [ wow he’s still waiting} received the Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College, Cambridge becoming the first future British monarch to obtain a college diploma.
Chubby Checker - - Biography
  • Chubby Checker was arrested in Niagara Falls for possession of marijuana- the charges would later be dropped. Imagine a musician who smoked dope.
Red Skelton Show, The | Nostalgia Central
  • The final Red Skelton Show on CBS-TV was shown- the show would move to NBC-TV. The show at NBC would be of a different format and didn’t take off- it was cancelled in 1971. The Red Skelton Show had begun in 1952. That kind of entertainment was quickly fading from the television.
  • Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr released his second album in 1970- Beaucoups of Blues. The album featured Ringo’s country and western influences.
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. on Racial Discrimination - HISTORY
  • The controversial U.S. Congressman Adam Clayton Powell who had served three different districts in New York since 1945 was defeated by Charles Rangel in the Democratic primary. Rangel would go on to serve until 2017. There needs to be term limits. Just saying.
Archives On The Air 17: The Flying Feline—Roscoe Turner Collection ...
  • American aviator and airplane racing champion Roscoe Turner died at 74.

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    • I had never thought of it- about a member of the monarch and a college degree- makes sense that it never happened until fairly recently. Not that he would wish for him mother to die but I am sure 50 years ago that he would have thought 50 years later he’s still be waiting… The Queen Mom lived to be over 100 so he may be in for a longer wait!

    • I don’t think it is probably that big of a deal to him. At least it wouldn’t be to me- he can’t avoid the spotlight as it is.

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