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  • Hans Remembers- Saturday June 20, 1970- 50 Years Ago. A slow news day-
  • It all started in Waseca, Minnesota. Two brothers had a crazy idea- Dave and John Kunst along with a supply carrying pack mule called “Willie MaKeit” set off from Waseca with the dream of becoming the first to ever walk around the world. When they got to Afghanistan in 1972 [wasn’t there a safer country to go through?} John would be killed and Dave would be wounded by bandits- but when Dave recovered he was back on his journey in January 1973- back at the spot where they had been stopped and on October 5, 1974 after over 4 years and 3 months- Dave became the first verified ‘circumnavigation by foot” calculated to have been a total of 14, 451 miles. That is a lot of walking.
Around The World One Step At a Time — Interview With Dave Kunst ...

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