Hans Remembers- Saturday June 6, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

High Echelon, 1970 Belmont Stakes winner (With images) | Belmont ...
  • The third race of horse racing’s Triple Crown- the Belmont Stakes was won by High Echelon ridden by jockey John Rotz- in 2 minutes and 34 seconds. For the first time since 1965 the three triple crown races were won by three different horses- Kentucky Derby- Dusk Commander, Preakness- Personality and Belmont- High Echelon.
Stories You Should Know: Margaret Court – A Sip of Sports
  • At tennis’s French Open – the second major tournament of the season- Margaret Court who had won the Australian Open earlier in the year defeated German Helga Niesson 6-2, 6-4.
  • Two masterpiece paintings were stolen from the North London home of British philanthropist Mathilda Marks-Kennedy- the paintings were Paul Gauguin’s “A Still Life of Apple and Grapes” and Pierre Bonnard’s “Les Deux Sauteuils”-aka “The Two Chairs.” The paintings would eventually be found in 2014 in the home of an Italian auto worker who was unaware of their value. By 2014 the two works together would be valued at $50 million.

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  1. The lives of jockeys are fascinating–they’re sort of like models where they have to be tiny and keep their weight down by any means necessary and it’s super competitive and I’ve heard of a lot of conniving, bitchy back-stabbing that goes on for them to “jockey” into position or stay ahead. Must be a very stressful endeavor.

    • Yes does seem pretty competitive- I only follow the Triple Crown races every year but it seems getting chosen to ride a potentially great horse must be pretty interesting. And you will see a jockey replaced due to poor performances of a horse etc..

  2. A specialized world not talked about much. Thanks for reminding me; it would make a good focus for a story (if I could think of why I was writing about a jockey, lol) 🙂

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