American Top 40 70’s on 7 Replay- Week of June 5, 1976. A decent week with a few stinkers. Also interesting- the television show themes on the chart- Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter and Baretta. TV theme songs big on the charts in the 1970’s. I think some of my grades influenced by listener fatigue- I can go the rest of my life without hearing one of Steve Miller Band’s mid 70’s hits. They aren’t bad just overplayed to death. My favorite song in this 40 and I guess looking over it the only one I give an A+ “The Boys Are Back In Town.” Casey Kasam’s favorite song “Shannon” checked in at #6 in this countdown! ha!

1 1 LOVE HANGOVER –•– Diana Ross (Motown)-10 (2 weeks at #1) (1) B+
2 2 SILLY LOVE SONGS –•– Wings (Capitol)-9 (1) A
3 4 GET UP AND BOOGIE (That’s Right) –•– Silver Convention (Midland International)-13 (3) C
4 5 MISTY BLUE –•– Dorothy Moore (Malaco)-12 (4) A-
5 6 HAPPY DAYS –•– Pratt and McClain (Reprise)-10 (5) C-
6 8 SHANNON –•– Henry Gross (Lifesong)-15 (6) C
7 7 WELCOME BACK –•– John Sebastian (Reprise)-11 (1) B
8 9 SARA SMILE –•– Daryl Hall and John Oates (RCA)-19 (8) A
9 14 SHOP AROUND –•– The Captain and Tennille (A&M)-6 (9) D
10 11 FOOL TO CRY / HOT STUFF –•– The Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones)-7 (10) B

11 12 RHIANNON (Will You Ever Win) –•– Fleetwood Mac (Reprise)-14 (11) B
12 3 FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE –•– Elvin Bishop (Capricorn)-14 (3) B
13 17 MORE, MORE, MORE (Part 1) –•– The Andrea True Connection (Buddah)-13 (13) B-
14 13 BOOGIE FEVER –•– The Sylvers (Capitol)-17 (1) C
15 15 RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED FROM –•– Maxine Nightingale (United Artists)-17 (2) B+
16 16 LOVE IN THE SHADOWS –•– Neil Sedaka (Rocket)-9 (16) C+
17 10 TRYIN’ TO GET THE FEELING AGAIN –•– Barry Manilow (Arista)-12 (10) C
18 26 LOVE IS ALIVE –•– Gary Wright (Warner Brothers)-8 (18) B-
19 21 MOVIN’ –•– Brass Construction (United Artists)-10 (19) C
20 23 I WANT YOU –•– Marvin Gaye (Tamla)-7 (20) A

21 25 TAKIN’ IT TO THE STREETS –•– The Doobie Brothers (Warner Brothers)-8 (21) B
22 32 NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN –•– Eric Carmen (Arista)-6 (22) B
23 30 I’LL BE GOOD TO YOU –•– The Brothers Johnson (A&M)-6 (23) B
24 27 BARETTA’S THEME (“Keep Your Eye On the Sparrow”) –•– Rhythm Heritage (ABC)-9 (24) C
25 18 STRANGE MAGIC –•– Electric Light Orchestra (United Artists)-13 (14) A
26 19 SHOW ME THE WAY –•– Peter Frampton (A&M)-16 (6) B+
27 36 KISS AND SAY GOODBYE –•– The Manhattans (Columbia)-8 (27) A
28 20 YOUNG BLOOD –•– Bad Company (Swan Song)-12 (20) C
29 33 ROCK AND ROLL LOVE LETTER –•– The Bay City Rollers (Arista)-6 (29) D
30 42 TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN –•– The Steve Miller Band (Capitol)-5 (30) B

31 34 MOONLIGHT FEELS RIGHT –•– Starbuck (Private Stock)-8 (31) A
32 50 THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN –•– Thin Lizzy (Mercury)-4 (32) A+
33 44 AFTERNOON DELIGHT –•– The Starland Vocal Band (Windsong)-5 (33) F-
34 41 GET CLOSER –•– Seals and Crofts (Featuring Carolyn Willis) (Warner Brothers)-8 (34) B+
35 37 CRAZY ON YOU –•– Heart (Mushroom)-8 (35) A
36 22 LOVE REALLY HURTS WITHOUT YOU –•– Billy Ocean (Ariola America)-10 (22) B
37 24 UNION MAN –•– The Cate Brothers (Asylum)-18 (24) B
38 38 IT’S OVER –•– Boz Scaggs (Columbia)-9 (38) A
39 46 THAT’S WHERE THE HAPPY PEOPLE GO –•– The Trammps (Atlantic)-9 (39) C
40 40 STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS –•– Paul Simon (Columbia)-6 (40 A

9 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 70’S ON 7 REPLAY- WEEK OF JUNE 5, 1976

  1. I can’t believe 3 TV themes in one chart and two in the top 10. I had the Happy Days theme single.

    Two songs that I really dislike of the seventies are in this countdown. I didn’t realize they were in the same chart but it makes total sense. Afternoon Delight and Moonlight Feels Right. I remember when they came out you couldn’t run away from them and when I hear one I think of the other. You solved that mystery. As a nine year old I would turn the radio when either one came on and get yelled at…from my sister.

    I’ll give you that Afternoon Delight is the worse of the two.

    …must be bad memories attached to them both lol. Getting yelled at didn’t help.

    • There were few outright great songs in that countdown- a lot of good ones I thought and of course a few ‘turkey’s” as there often is.. The Happy Days theme was OK but to me in watching the show I got sick of it after a while. ..

    • There were a lot of good ones in this list for sure. When you think about it…a TV theme was perfect for the charts because it got exposure in prime time every night but like you said…you could get tired of it.

      The Boys Are Back in Town…it is an excellent track…but it had to be different at the time to hear hard rock and his Irish phrasing and storytelling mixed… He had to be influenced by Morrison at least some.

    • I like you don’t follow pop music of 21st century- or many tv shows anymore other than old ones…i wonder when the last tv theme single was in the Top 40? movie and tv themes were a staple in the 70’s and 80’s…. I was kind of surprised to see The Boys Are Back In Town was in the Top 40-

    • Not very much…to show you how much I follow…the last one I remember that was popular and may have charted is the Theme from Friends.

  2. The extended version of “Love Hangover” is my favorite song of 1976, and also one of my all-time favorite disco songs. And “Afternoon Delight” is a friend of mine’s most-hated song of all time. I don’t hate it, but don’t like it either.

    Re: “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again”, Eric Carmen was a classically-trained pianist, and based it on one of the melodies from Rachmaninoff’s stunning “Symphony No. 2 in E Minor”, which is my all-time favorite classical piece. Shockingly, Eric followed me on Twitter a few years ago, and I was really flattered. Unfortunately, he’s now such a rabid Trump supporter that I unfollowed him. I detest Trump, and couldn’t stand seeing Eric’s pro-Trump tweets.

    • On that post I did on Stiv Bators- I didn’t put this in the post because I guess I didn’t want to write the entire Stiv Bators story- but I had read that he wanted to be the punk Eric Carmen. It must have been the Cleveland connection- they must have known each other. . “Afternoon Delight” would be at least a contender for Worst Song. There are probably worse though.

  3. Wow, some of these I haven’t heard in years and we should hear them again! “I’ll Be Good To You” is an awesome song. I’m going to play it on You Tube right now before I start my work day!

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