Hans Remembers- Thursday June 4, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Tonga - Kingdom of Tonga - Country Profile - the Friendly Islands ...
  • The United Kingdom granted independence to the Kingdom of Tonga after 70 years as a British protectorate with Taufa ahau Tupou IV as King and his brother Katafehi Tu’ipelehake as Prime Minister.
  • The era of hijackings- this time TWA Flight 486 and its 51 passengers- ended after eight hours when police at Dulles Internatoinal Airport in Washington persuaded Arthur G. Bakrkley to leave the plane.
1976 SSPC: Chris Arnold, Mike Ivie, Andy Messersmith | The ...
  • The 1970 Major League Ball Draft was held- with San Diego Padres selecting catcher Mike Ivie with the first pick. It didn’t turn out to be a very successful draft but two future Hall of Famers were drafted-Rich “Goose” Gossage in the 9th round by the Chicago White Sox and Bruce Sutter by the Washington Senators in the 21st round- Sutter didn’t sign with the Senators.

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