Passing Of James Best Brings Back Memories Of Terry Bradshaw's TV ...


Remembrance Of Things Past: “Stockers” TV pilot April 1981. In the spring of 1981 in the Pittsburgh area there was a big fear that the Steelers star quarterback Terry Bradshaw was going to retire from the NFL to make a television show with country singer-actor Mel Tillis. The show was called “Stockers” and if the pilot took off and the show was picked up the 4 time Super Bowl Champion would be going Hollywood instead of Three Rivers Stadium in the fall of 1981.

Bradshaw would go on to television stardom after his career ended but it wasn’t in Stockers.  Being a Steelers fanatic I was a little worried but it took only 5 minutes into the Friday April 24th showing of NBC-TV’s showing of the pilot to rest easy. The show was awful and would receive poor ratings and reviews and NBC didn’t pick the show up. The pilot was the only episode that was shown and it was quickly forgotten.