Hans Remembers- Sunday May 17, 1970. 50 Years Ago.

Hank Aaron collects hit No. 3,000 - YouTube

  • “The Hammer”- Henry Aaron of the Atlanta Braves became the 9th Major League Baseball player to reach the milestone of 3000 hits in his first at bat against the Cincinnati Reds pitcher Wayne Simpson. Later in the game Aaron would hit his 570th career home run.

Heyerdahl, Thor: “Ra II” - Students | Britannica Kids | Homework Help

  • Thor Heyerdahl and his crew of seven men and a monkey departed from the harbor at Safi, Morocco on Heyerdahl’s 8-ton boat made of papyrus-the Ra II in an attempt to prove that the ancient Egyptians could have crossed the Atlantic Ocean more than 5000 years before the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Back in 1947 Heyerdahl became famous for his Kon-Tiki expedition in which he sailed a raft of balsa logs across the Pacific Ocean.

Joaquín Balaguer - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

  • President Joaquin Balaguer was re-elected in the Dominican Republic.

Jordan Knight Reveals What Men Think About Women | HuffPost

  • Jordan Knight the lead singer for New Kids On The Block was born 50 years ago in Worcester, Massachusetts. They are well on their way to becoming Old Men On The Block.

Heinz Hartmann (1894–1970) - 心理学空间

  • Dying on this day Austrian-born American psychoanalyst Heinz Hartmann.

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    • at one point i was able to name every 500 home run club member- and how many homers and also everyone in the 3000 hit club…now i don’t think so.

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