Not in Hall of Fame - 33. Slick Watts

As a youngster growing up in the 1970’s my main sports were[ and still are ] baseball and football but I also had an interest in the NBA and NHL. Thing was my local city Pittsburgh didn’t have a team – and probably never will so my exposure to NBA basketball was once a week on a Sunday afternoon when a Game of the Week would be on television. I would listen to Cleveland and Boston games on the radio during the winter but my actually seeing games very limited. Once Sunday for some reason on the Game of the Week they had the Seattle Supersonics on and the player that got my attention was a guard named Slick Watts. Watt’s shaved his head and had an off-centered headband around his head. Today Slick wouldn’t stand out- he was ahead of his time. There were balding players in the league but until Michael Jordan came along and made it cool- I can’t recall any players who just flat out shaved their head- and the headband added some style. Slick Watts wasn’t drafted by the NBA coming out of college but got a try out with Seattle due to his cousin- the great Bill Russell was the Supersonics head coach at the time. Watts played seven seasons and lead the league in steals and assists in 1976 and was on the first team- All-Defensive Team that season. Slick Watts was above all COOL! While I didn’t shave my head then- I was a teenager and had a full head of hair- I did get a headband like Slick had.

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  1. I remember him! I follow NBA and European too basketball. My sports were and are Soccer/football, Basketball, and Baseball to close the podium. I followed teams from NYC as at that time there were any from NJ. I played pro soccer even on the B team Tampa Bay Rowdies NASL! Of course my all time team in soccer and basketball is the Real Madrid!! Cheers

    • That’s awesome. I remember the old NASL! Back in those days the sport got little exposure in the US- but today its great being able to watch all the European leagues.

    • wlle giants stadium was full 77K for games and tailgate parties the problem is marketing tough to compete against football, basketball baseball and hockey! yes it was awesome many nice memories got some posts on NJ here ! Cheers

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