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Billboard #1 Hits: #181:”Penny Lane”- The Beatles. March 18, 1967. #1 for 1 week.

  • Single:” Penny Lane”- The Beatles
  • Record Company- Capitol
  • Genre: Pop
  • Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  • Time: 3:03
  • B-side:- double A single “Strawberry Fields Forever.”
  • Album- Magical Mystery Tour
  • Grade: A+
  • Peaked at #1 for 1 week in Billboard Hot 100. #2 in UK Singles Chart, #1 in Australia, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand and West Germany.

The double A’s sided single “Penny Lane”/ “Strawberry Fields Forever” at least to me is not only the greatest ever single by The Beatles but the greatest ever single period. The big mistake made here by The Beatles and company- not releasing this on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album which was recorded during the same general time period. Back then The Beatles practice was singles were released separately. A missed opportunity. The question becomes if these two songs had been on Sgt. Pepper what would have been dropped? Back then in the vinyl album days only so much room on a record. “Penny Lane” went to #1 while “Strawberry Fields Forever” #8. The two songs were Paul {“Penny Lane’} and John’s{“Strawberry Fields Forever”} look back at their childhood in Liverpool. While I rank both songs as among the best songs ever- I have always sided with ‘Strawberry Fields Forever” as the best of the two by a Gnats eyelash–but it is clear that “Penny Lane” is the more likely hit on pop radio.


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  1. Which two songs would you have dropped? It couldn’t be the George song because that was his only one. It almost would have to be a John song and a Paul song. My guess would have been Lovely Rita and Benefit of Mr. Kite…I like both of them but two would have had to go.

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