10 Best John Prine Songs - From In Spite of Ourselves to Paradise ...

Rolling Stone lists 25 Essential John Prine songs- of course there are a lot more than 25. There is only one John Prine song that I can honestly say I really don’t like at all. And it made this list of essential songs!

John Prine: 25 Essential Songs


    • From the first time I heard it- I disliked- In Spite Of Ourselves- which seems to be a favorite of many.. … 39 years ago today- Fernando in an emergency start for an injured Jerry Reuss throws a 5 hit shutout… Fernandomania about to begin!

    • Ok…well I took a shot.

      Yes what a year 1981…to see them finally beat the Yankees and have Fernandomania on top of it.
      The Yankees came close to signing Fernando out of Mexico…thank goodness they didn’t.

    • Imagine this- under today’s rules the worst team gets the first pick- back in the 1980’s they alternated leagues and although the Pirates had the worst record- it was the AL’s worst team that got the first pick that year- and Seattle takes Junior Griffey. With the second pick the Pirates take Mark Merchant. Imagine if the rules were as they are now- the Pirates having Griffey -Bonds- Van Slyke in the same outfield for a few years… What might have been…. and right now It isn’t coming to me but some team could have had Aaron and Mays- but passed for racist reasons…

    • You add Griffey to that 90s team and they would have probably got a couple of WS out of them. They were so close anyway but with Jr that probaly would have put them over…I didn’t know that.

      Was it the Braves back then and when Aaron came up they signed him because they passed on Mays? I read it somewhere but I forgot.

      My first guess automatically was the Red Sox becasue they passed on every black player…including Jackie Robinson who they had trying out.

    • I think you are right- the Braves passing on Mays… it sure did put the AL back for decades passing on black players and letting the NL load up…. Back to Fernando- I can’t imagine him in a Yankee uniform! .. I caught a little of the replay NYY-LA today- forgot how annoying Howard Cosell could be doing baseball. I was a big fan of Howard doing football and boxing- and that Howard Cosell on sports show he had.

    • The Yankees offerred 100 grand for him and he was going to take it…at the last minute the Dodgers offered 120,000 and got him.

      Also in 77 according to Reggie the Dodgers offerred him more money but he already shook George’s hand. Imagine how different that could have played out?

      I have all 6 games from 81 and Cosell does get on my nerves quite a bit. You could tell Jim Palmer and Keith Jackson would get annoyed at him…but of course they wouldn’t say anything.
      Out of the blue Howard starts bringing up that Keith had dated Marlo Thomas…Keith just stumbled around and tried to avoid the quesiton.
      He was great at MNF with Dandy Don…great pair because they were so different.

    • I didn’t know Keith had dated Marlo Thomas….. Wow Reggie honored a handshake with George?… Yes the Howard- Dandy Don- Frank show was a great mixture.

    • Now that I think on it- Keith was one of those announcers who did the game- and didn’t talk endlessly about his life – like some do…. Yes it wasn’t long after all that that Reg made his famous “one is a liar and the other convicted’ comments. Wouldn’t it have been something to have been on those 1977-78 Yankee teams- or even just a fly on the wall…

    • I always loved that quote by Billy…it got him fired but it had to be worth it to get that one out.
      The closest thing we got was Sparky Lyle’s book. I would like to get a revised copy of that to see what happened after he got traded. It took decades I’ve read for George to invite him back to the Old Timers game.

      Graig Nettles had a book also I’ve read but it’s not as good as Sparky’s…I have it somewhere.

    • Oh yes Billy said it I quoted Reggie.. I didn’t think that looked right– hey its still early in the morning– yes Billy told it like it was in that case… Yes the Sparky book was fun.. I think usually firing managers in mid season doesn’t work but firing Billy and putting in laid back Bob Lemon was manager was the key for the big turnaround there. Exactly what they needed…. I can still remember watching the Game of The Week and seeing Billy taking Reggie out of right field and the fight in the dugout…crazy!

    • Oh I know it’s early. I didn’t go to sleep until 2…working from home…it’s even harder to go to sleep.
      Yes I remember that game with Boston and him pulling Reggie out. Reggie really messed up though with that interview to start the season…the straw that stirs the drink quote…he never lived that down.
      It did work for them…getting Bob Lemon…I still cannot believe they comeback and beat Boston after being 14 games back.

    • Reggie was something else- yes the Yankee players had great respect for Thurman- coming in and saying that- wasn’t very smart. .. This was back in 1988 but I spent a Mets-Pirate game talking to NY sports reporter- and was quizzing him on guys- and he said not surprisingly how Reggie was the worst about how he treated people. Like dirt. Unless you were a big network guy- he treated the little guys awful.

    • I would not doubt that about Reggie one bit. That is cool you got to hear that first hand. Thurman was gruff but like you said he was respected.
      I’ve seen an off camera…well Reggie didn’t know he was being filmed I don’t guess…telling team mates how to have the press eat out of your hand …It showed the fakeness he showed the public.

    • A lot that I have read about Reggie- suggests he is very insecure.. this was before Gooden and Strawberry had their issues but the guy said- Gooden was pretty quiet but always polite and Strawberry was a good guy but he only cared about hitting!… I don’t know if I told you this but the secretary at the school where I taught- maybe 5-6 years ago Darryl was going to talk at her church- her husband picked him up at the airport- she said her husband said- he was such a great guy- never even mentioned his baseball career or anything like that. very humble. I always enjoyed watching Strawberry hit- I was glad to see that he turned his life around. .

    • That is so good to hear about Strawberry. I do hope he keeps going like he is now. Probably the worst thing that happened to him was to sign with LA because of the people he fell with…it could have happened in New York but he did great his first year or so and then he bottomed out…a little later we all found out why.

      Both of them had so much potential… I hope Gooden is ok.

    • I always remember Tommy The Swordfish- he loved Darryl at first but once Darryl had some problems- was done with him…I will never forgive the man though for the Fernando quote when he was released -something like “The end comes for everyone -it came for Koufax etc now its come for Fernando”- Yes Tommy because you pitched him until his arm fell off!!….. Did you see the 30 for 30 on Darryl and Doc? Doc seems to still be struggling.

    • Yea Tommy made a remark about Strawberry and Steve Howe on the Yankees getting them…said they deserved jail strips not pin stripes. That turned my dad against him.

      Tommy also would tell the team…well Koufax pitched on 3 days rest the entire season… Jerry Ruess…who I always liked…said yea…and how young was Koufax when he retired? The Dodgers traded Rick Rhoden for him right?…or Doug Rau I can’t remember.

      I didn’t see that show but I did see in the news where he got into some trouble. Just sad…

    • Yes if I recall correctly the Pirates got Rhoden and he missed the entire 1979 season- I thought at the time the Pirates needed every starter they could get- and missing Rhoden would really hurt but while they didn’t have anyone who won 15 games it still worked out well for them… Reuss was right! Its funny how money has changed things as far as how teams use pitchers- back when salaries were rather low- it was use them up and throw them aside- get what you can out of them while you can— now if you are paying big money for a number of years- you worry about every pitch they take.. don’t over use them..

    • Rhoden was a pretty good pitcher but Reuss was better than I expected. He tured out to be a gem for them. Him and Fernando made a great pair.

      In came the 5 man rotation when the money went up. The Dodgers had a 5 man rotation in 1981 which surpirsed me…but Tommy rode a pitcher if he was pitching well…and young ones that messed up were gone like Dave Stewar, Bob Welch, and Rick Sutcliffe…not a good deal there!

      It is an odd thing how Nolan Ryan never got seriously hurt til the end and other pitchers are blown in their first couple of years. That Mets pitcher recently…can’t think of his name that almost won the Cy Young a few years ago.

    • Matt Harvey- The Dark Knight?…. A few years ago I read “The Arm”- a fascinating book on pitchers – and he wrote about how some arms for whatever reason- Ryan for example were somehow built to take the abuse where others weren’t. For every pitcher who went on and on like Ryan there were many others who couldn’t take it. One who comes to mind first- Ron Bryant SF- wins 24 games in 1973 at the age of 25- and only won 3 more the rest of his career…. and Denny McLain who was finished at 30. People tend to forget those types- and only want to talk about the Gibson’s etc who could carry the load.

    • Yes matt Harvey thank you. I thought he was going to be really something.
      Maddux is another example for the endurance. He said he threw everyday but not full out. There is no perfect solution across the board.

      Yes there were a lot of pitchers that just lost it. I’m glad now they are taking care of their arms better…it’s because of the investment but they dont’ get abused anymore.

    • That is pretty much the conclusion the author had- after talking to all the experts- what works for one pitcher may not work for another and there is no real answer to the problem…. Remember when people were saying the Mets staff was the greatest ever? Crazy talk. .. Maddux was amazing. an artist.

    • Yea the Mets staff has dropped…they resigned the right one…so far.
      Maddux like Kershaw had his problems in the post season but I loved watching Maddux pitch even though I hated the Braves. I was happy he pitched some for the Dodgers even though he was past his prime.

    • I thought with the Mets pitchers- they had the potential to be great but let them actually accomplish something before you crown them.. in our lifetime kind of hard to top Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine…they could have you and me filling out the staff and still be a great staff!

    • The Mets must have seen something in Syndergaard last year they didn’t like and maybe knew what could be coming…they supposedly tried to trade him last year.
      Yea you have to to accomplish something before you are crowned best or anytihng.

      Hans I’ll take a 4th or 5th spot for the minimum!

  1. Ah, so I posted the one song you don’t like of his in your comments. Sorry! I know very little of his music. Angel of Montgomery is probably the only other one I do know.

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