This is a terrible time without question- we are all feeling the pain. But I must say it is not difficult for me to have to Shelter-In-Place or whatever you want to call it, this is the easy part for me. I love traveling and doing things but I can always find things to do at home. During this period where we are urged to stay at home to help flatten the curve here is how I have kept myself busy so far.

1- Working. Ten days ago the library closed all services for at least until April 7th. We have been given work to do at home. I work mainly in circulation/ cargo so there isn’t much that I can ‘take home”  to do- but we have been given webinar’s online to watch and give summary’s on. Also I run a non-fiction book club so reading my upcoming book-books for that count, also I have volunteered to do a two part program on the history of our Presidents- that I will give before the election in the fall- working on that counts. So I have been busy with work from home.

2- Reading- Not only the book club books but also other books just for pleasure. I would have to live at least five lifetimes to read all the books I own. The book club book I am currently reading- “A Woman Of Valor- Clara Barton and The Civil War.” by Stephen Oates The book I am reading for pleasure the book that inspired the play Hamilton- Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

3- Listening to Music. Again like the books I have all kinds of music to listen to and have been doing so.

4- Watching television. I haven’t been binge watching any shows the past couple weeks but have been watching a lot of news. Of course the news is always a bummer to watch but even more so the past month plus. I also watch more than enough of The Andy Griffith Show – even though I’ve seen every episode a dozen times over the years. It’s nice to go to Mayberry for a little time each day.

5- Working on this blog.

6- Spending time with Mrs. Postcard. She is still going off to work on her regular schedule but just had a three day weekend. So far we haven’t been annoying one another. I’ve also been in daily contact with friends and call my mother a couple times a day.

7- One thing I need to do- is get some exercise. Walking down to get the mail every day isn’t much exercise. Got to get out and move a little!


  1. Hans, it sounds like you’ve adjusted well to the situation. In some ways there has been less adjustment for me, as I’m retired, but more, as I’m used to my regular lunch dates, dinner dates, and appointments, not to mention no more visiting the library 2 or more times a week.
    Things I’ve been doing:
    1. More reading, both online and hard copies. The Graphic Canon Vol. 1, edited by Russ Kick, is a wonderful and entertaining volume that could best be described as illustrated highlights of world classics, which is perfect for learning what they are about in a fun way. These volumes would be good for any young adult and up to read. I’ve got all 3 volumes so it will take me awhile to get through them all.
    2. Binge-watching Tiger King on netflix the last week or so. This show has to be seen to be believed. Whomever stitched it together did a fantastic job. So troubling, the subject!
    3. Getting potting soil ready, put into seedling trays, and tomato seeds planted. There is supposed to be a heirloom seed exchange tomorrow at the library that isn’t going to happen so why wait. I have mat warmers that work like charms and have a brand new grow-light in the box waiting for when they sprout. There’s one more seedling tray that needs to be filled but not sure with what yet.
    4. Cleaning up around the yard and driveway. Pulling out stalks, sweeping mounds of empty sunflower seeds and pine needles.
    5. Some collage work. The collage supplies are on the table, waiting.
    6. Preparing A2Z posts for April. I’ve got 2 left to finish. That’s been quite the project!
    7. Experimenting with different essential oil blends for diffuser, bath, face, and moisturizer.
    8. Trying not to text my kids’ phones off the hook making sure they are ok.
    Hans, how does your book club work if you can’t meet up? Or is this an online book club?
    Sorry for the long comment! Feel free to delete 🙂

    • Sounds like you are keeping busy and being more productive than I have been. Your work reminds me of one more thing that will probably be added to my list within a week if the weather clears up and the yard dries out- cutting the yard. The grass is starting to get high! . Book club reading is just getting ahead of myself- we won’t be meeting now in April- I don’t know when we will be getting back but I will at least be ahead of myself in reading! Liked your long reply- interested in what people are doing during this crisis. .. Drudgereport has an odd but sadly true headline- APRIL CANCELLED

    • Good way of putting it. I had my hair appt canceled and rescheduled for next week, but the salon called and moved it out another week. We’ll see what happens. I could be completely grey by the time this thing is over!

  2. I’m…like everyone else am trying to make the best of the situation. I have no trouble staying at home working…watching movies and tv shows.

    I’m in danger of turning into a slug…a happy slug but a slug nonetheless. It’s bad when you have to think what day it is.

    Hans I think the thing that gets to me the most mentally is I HAVE TO stay at home. We don’t have a choice really. I’ve taken vacations like this before and enjoyed them..but it’s the no choice that gets me sometimes.

    I do need to get more exercise and walk Martha more.

    • Yes we had a couple warm days where we sat out back and read- enjoyed the weather but for the most part a little too cold.. Yes I think that message should have reached everyone by now! If someone still isn’t washing their hands I don’t think another commercial will convince them.

  3. Yeah, the news is driving my husband insane. But he won’t stop watching it! I guess he’s willing it to say something different, something ELSE.

  4. We live parallel lives cos i also do almost exactly the same plus tending to the goats and dogs in the morning and afternoon. Thanks for sharing your passion. Stay safe

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