The Golden Lamb: Presidents of our Past


Presidential Trivia- Part VIII-

Presidential Nicknames-

1- Old Man Eloquent-

2- His Vice-President called him “Old Muttonhead” [not to his face}


4-Uncle Cornpone [again not to his face}

5-Old Hickory-


  1. Those two are correct- 3- Dutch was Ronald Reagan’s old Hollywood nickname- and 5- Andrew Jackson- may be the most famous of the presidential nicknames- Old Hickory. Good job .

    • Old Hickory- his standing in the rankings of our presidents have fallen during our lifetime. I remember as a young would be historian reading how he was one of the greats- he has taken a fall since- last I saw he was about in the middle range.

    • Hans have you ever been to the Hermitage? Beautiful place and they have a nice tour.

      We always read a lot about him…. more than some others because of the Tennessee connection.

    • I have been there twice as a teenager and about 20 years ago- very nice place! I was once asked if there was a fighting tournament with all the presidents who would win- Jackson would be a good choice- he was a bit nuts! Interesting fella.

  2. Answers 1- Old Man Eloquent- John Quincy Adams. 2- When John Adams was VP- he would call his POTUS behind his back- George Washington- Old Muttonhead. 3- Dutch which was answered correctly- Ronald Reagan 4- Uncle Cornpone was the nickname that JFK’s assistants called VP Lyndon Johnson behind his back. 5- Old Hickory whic was answered correctly- Andrew Jackson.

    • the vice presidency must be a very frustrating job- especially back then. Washington didn’t put Adams to much use.

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