Hans Remembers- Saturday March 7, 1970- 50 years ago!

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  • I remember this one very clearly- I would spend many a weekend at my grandparents house- and I was there on this Saturday when a solar eclipse passed along the Atlantic coast region- totality was visible in an 85 mile range across south Mexico, portions of the Atlantic Coast of the United States and Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in Canada. Didn’t get totality where we were at but I was nine- it was good enough for me. That was in 1970- there won’t be another total eclipse of comparable duration in or near the United States until 2024.

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  • English born film and television actress Rachel Weisz was born 50 years ago today in Westminster. Her best known work – The Constant Gardner for which she received a best supporting actress Oscar.

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  • Dying on this date 50 years ago- American comedian and character actor Wally Vernon after being injured by a hit and run driver while he and his wife were crossing a street in Van Nuys, California. Vernon was 64.

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  • Simon and Garfunkel begin a 10 week run at #1 on the US Billboard Top 200 album chart with Bridge Over Troubled Water. The duo had already broken up by this time. Although they have toured together since and would record another hit in the mid 70’s “My Little Town”- 50 years later they still haven’t recorded another studio album together. In 1983 they had plans on recording an album but Paul ended up wiping Artie’s vocals off the songs- and releasing the album he was working on Hearts And Bones- as a solo album. Which was probably just for the best- one of my favorite Paul Simon albums.

10 responses to “HANS REMEMBERS- SATURDAY MARCH 7, 1970- 50 YEARS AGO

    • I just got back from GR but had to work at the cat shelter today so no didn’t see Bern. I had some awesome conversations with some of the shelter people today about all the dirty little tricks they are playing again to try to cheat Bernie out of being nominated. One woman said their tactics are “poll taxes”. For example, young people on university campuses in TX were waiting in line 7 hours to be able to vote. Voters mysteriously being taken off of voter register lists. One had a “provisional clause” where the voter was supposed to be informed of the clause in order to come back within 48 to have the ability to vote but were never informed. Machine tampering. I did talk with a telephone person about our primary on Tuesday and my son and his wife made sure to remind me to vote on Tuesday. When is OH’s primary?

    • When I saw him on tv today I immediately wondered if you were there. Sorry you didn’t get to go. I believe Ohio votes on the 17th.

    • I wanted to but stayed up so late last night (watching S3 of “ZOO”, which I *LOVE*) so didn’t have time to get my act together. I knew right where it was being held also (Calder Plaza.)

    • They have been showing parts of the speech on the news. looks like it drew a good size crowd. I saw him interviewed also with Chris Wallace- turns out we have two things in common- he likes to have the room temperature low- 60 degrees when he is sleeping… and he’s a boxing fan whose all time favorite is also mine- Muhammad Ali.

    • Calder Plaza is surrounded by taller buildings. Wondering why they had the rally there… There are a LOT of Bernie supporters in MI. It was 8 degrees warmer in GR (63F) than where I am, so it was a good day for an outdoor rally. Not sure who Chris Wallace is? As to the two things you learned about Bern, what more do you need to know 😉

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