Billboard #1 Hits: #109:’ Love Me Do”- The Beatles. May 30, 1964. #1 for 1 week.

  • Single: “Love Me Do”- The Beatles
  • Record Company- Capitol
  • Genre: Rock and Roll
  • Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  • Time: 2:22
  • B-side: “P.S. I Love You”
  • Album- The Beatles: 1962-66
  • Grade: A
  • Peaked at #1 for 1 week on Billboard Hot 100. #17 on the UK Singles Chart.

America was still playing catch up with the UK as far as Beatlemania was concerned. “Love Me Do” was the first Beatles single released in the UK way back in October 1962- it peaked at #17 on the UK Singles Chart. Now a year and a half or so later it gets to #1 in the U.S. “Love Me Do” was written mostly by Paul back in the late 50’s when he was sixteen years old-so the song was already eight years old by the time it hit #1 in the US. There were three recorded versions of the song by three different drummers- the one that eventually was released featured their new at the time drummer Ritchie Starkey aka Ringo Starr. This was the 4th Beatles #1 in America in 1964 so far.

4 responses to “BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #109: “LOVE ME DO”- THE BEATLES- MAY 30, 1964

    • The first single in UK Oct 62- it was a modest hit….15 months from then until Beatlemania.. maybe because it just wasn’t normal at that time for a British act to be big in the US- many had tried up to that time and failed– as far as Love Me Do itself- they just had a big back log of Beatles material to get out. They weren’t released in the same order they hit in the UK. I can’t imagine what it must have been like at the time for the American Beatlemaniac- trying to keep caught up with all the singles/ albums in 1964– it must have been fun!

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