Hans Remembers- Monday February 16, 1970- 50 years ago.

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  • In a fight for the undisputed Heavyweight Championship- World Boxing Council champion Smokin’ Joe Frazier knocked out the World Boxing Association champion Jimmy Ellis in the fifth round- at the mecca of boxing- Madison Square Garden.  It would still be another year off- on March 8th 1971 that Joe Frazier would face off against Muhammad Ali in “The Fight Of The Century”- also held at Madison Square Garden.

4 responses to “HANS REMEMBERS- MONDAY FEBRUARY 16, 1970- 50 YEARS AGO

  1. Has any sport ever fallen like boxing did? At one time it was huge and then…I would say after Tyson it dropped like a brick.

    • I would have no idea who the heavyweight champ is now- when was the last heavyweight title fight that even got attention?

    • The last time that I knew was in the 90s when George Foreman re-won the Heavy weight title. That is because it was George.

      That is another thing…they split it up in so many different titles now….Don King didn’t do the sport any favors either.

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