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Billboard #1 Hits: #98: “Blue Velvet”- Bobby Vinton

  • Single: “Blue Velvet”- Bobby Vinton
  • Record Company- Epic
  • Genre: Pop
  • Written by -Bernie Wayne, Lee Morris
  • Time:2:47
  • B-side: “Is There A Place {Where I Can Go}
  • Album-Blue Velvet
  • Grade: B+
  • Peaked at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 and #1 in Canada and New Zealand. It didn’t chart in the UK until 1990- when it went to #2- when re-released- due to it being used in a Nivea cold cream commercial.

Has a song appearing in a movie changed how you view the song? I can’t hear “Blue Velvet” without thinking of the creepy 1986 David Lynch movie “Blue Velvet”- and also from that movie- every time I hear “In Dreams ” by Roy Orbison I think of the same movie.  I have always been a reader of reviews- and I can’t think of many movies that had ratings from the critics like Blue Velvet did- it seemed like it got either 1 star or 4 stars and nothing in between. You loved it or hated it. I loved it.

“Blue Velvet” was originally a hit back in 1951 for Tony Bennett. It was covered by The Clovers and The Statues before Vinton recorded it and has been recently covered by Lana Del Ray. Vinton recorded it in 1963 because he thought it would be cool to record an album with titles with ‘Blue” in them. I am not much of a Bobby Vinton fan but I do enjoy this one.


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  1. Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart by David Lynch are two of my favorite movies. Saw BV first. I love that scene (was it the opening?) where it cut to the seething cauldron just under the surface of the manicured lawn? How it shows how “anytown,” no matter how picture perfect it appears, has a seedy underbelly if you look for it. I love how the innocent flirted with the corrupt and how frightening it is to step into the shadows with evil.

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