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The Beatles Top 60 Solo Songs- #55- “C’Moon”- Wings.

“C’ Moon” was a part of the double A’s sided single “Hi! Hi! Hi!/ C’ Moon”- While “Hi! Hi! Hi! went to #10 on the Billboard Hot 100- C’ Moon” didn’t chart. “C’ Moon” did get a lot more airplay in the UK because “Hi! Hi!Hi!” was banned in the UK and peaked at #5 on the UK Singles Chart. The song didn’t appear on any album at that time.  I had read about the song in the first Beatles book I ever bought- “The Beatles- An Illustrated Record” by Roy Carr–and it sounded like a song I needed to hear- and knowing it wasn’t on an album- I found and bought the single.

“C’ Moon” is credited to Paul and Linda McCartney. It was released as a Wings single in December 1972. The music has a reggae beat. Paul has said that the lyric was inspired by the 1960’s hit “Wooly Bully”- where that song speaks of a square person being L-7- “C Moon” was meant by Paul to be the opposite.

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  1. I remember hearing C Moon on the radio, so I’m surprised it didn’t chart. It was one of my favorites from Wings, but long forgotten until I heard it recently; I think when Denny Laine posted it on Facebook.

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