Billboard #1 Hits: #86: “Walk Like A Man”- The Four Seasons. March 2, 1963. #1 for 3 weeks.

  • Single: “Walk Like A Man”- The Four Seasons
  • Record Company- Vee- Jay
  • Genre: Pop
  • Written by-Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio
  • Time: 2:17
  • B-side: “Lucky Ladybug”
  • Album-Big Girls Don’t Cry and 12 Others…
  • Grade: B-
  • Peaked at #1 in US Hot 100 Pop Chart #3 in R&B chart and  #12 in UK

While I still find Frankie Valli’s falsetto annoying- this their 3rd #1 in less than a year isn’t as annoying as “Sherry” or “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” I have an acquaintance whose favorite group is The Four Seasons. When he taught every year one day he’d bring in his Four Seasons albums- he had them all and try to indoctrinate the students. He didn’t like The Beatles- we would generally leave the subject alone. I knew why he hated The Beatles- it wasn’t their music as much as they arrived and The Four Seasons popularity faded as a result. I was in charge of the morning news- and for 15 minutes before the news began and the students were arriving etc- I would play music over the intercom. One day for him I even played a few Four Seasons songs- as painful as that was. “Walk Like A Man” was listed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll.

I like the following story about the recording of “Walk Like A Man”- from wikipedia–

During the sessions that produced the hit recording, the fire department received an emergency call from the Abbey Victoria Hotel (the building that housed the Stea-Phillips Recording Studios). As producer Bob Crewe was insisting upon recording the perfect take, smoke and water started to seep into the studio; the room directly above the studio was on fire, but Crewe had blocked the studio door. He continued recording until a few firemen used their axes on the door and pulled Crewe out.

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    • Most of the people who I know who don’t like The Beatles- are the kind don’t like them because everyone else does… I know a guy who grew up in 70’s Pittsburgh area and picked the Cowboys as his team- just to be that way..

    • I also know a few people who I know never gave them a chance- and say they don’t like them… i know if they really listened they’d have to feel differently. how couldn’t they?

    • Yea it’s the praise they get that they automatically go agasint it.
      Your last sentence makes sense. I play a harder rock fan Helter Skelter…and they say…What? that can’t be The Beatles. They have something for about everyone because of the vast variety.

    • I always think of my grandfather- [not the one I was close to} who owned the blue and red albums- I would never have guessed that he liked them- but they offered him something too- and I think he was born in 1909.

    • That is great that he could find something in it that he liked. A great melody is timeless I guess…what worked in 1920 could work today on some levels.

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