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Every Billboard Hot 100 Single- 1970- #26- “Hello It’s Me”- Nazz. January 17, 1970.

  • Single:- Hello It’s Me- Nazz
  • Record Company- SGC
  • Genre: Rock
  • Written by- Todd Rundgren
  • Time: 4:00
  • B-side: “Open My Eyes”
  • Album- Nazz
  • Grade: A-    later version A+
  • Peaked at #66 spent 13 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100.

“Hello Its Me” was the first original song that Todd Rundgren ever wrote and fifty years later it still stands as one of his greatest. There are two versions of this great song- this was the first with his group Nazz. In 1972 he would re-record the song for his Something/ Anything album- and that version released as a single became his biggest hit single reaching #5 in 1973. When the single was released “Hello It’s Me” was the b-side to “Open My Eyes” but a Boston radio station picked up on it and began playing it and it became the A-side. Rundgren would later cite the Bacharach/ David song- sung by Dionne Warwick “Walk On By” as a big influence on his writing “Hello It’s Me.” The song was also influenced by a high school relationship which didn’t work out. In the song the singer is breaking up with his girl over the phone but Rundgren had flipped the story around in real life he was the one who was dumped. In real life she didn’t break up with him over the phone- when he took the girl Linda to her home and met her father for the first time he turned a hose on him saying no hippie was going to date his daughter. A couple days later Linda dumped him. The song was written -how Rundgren would have liked it to have ended over the phone.

Nazz was formed in Philadelphia in 1967. They took their name from a song by The Yardbirds- “The Nazz Are Blue.”  Their first concert was opening for The Doors. They released three album between 1968-70 before disbanding and Rundgren going on to pursue a solo career. I like the later Rundgren solo version of “Hello Its Me” a lot more but the original is pretty good. It was smart to resurrect the song.


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  1. I like the lighting on the album cover. I’m glad he sped the tempo up on his solo version. Great song origin story. That’s the thing with artists, they play with the fabric of the universe. He was able to have the ending he wanted 🙂

    • i like his later version best maybe because i’ve heard it a million times but i do think it is the best version. great song. I can never make up my mind if I like Hello It’s Me or I Saw The Light- the best…

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