Hans Remembers- Friday January 9, 1970-

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  • Larry Fine of Three Stooges fame suffers a massive stroke which ends his career. He would die on January 24, 1975 at the age of 72. The Three Stooges were active from 1922 to 1970. Moe Howard also would die in 1975 just a few months after Larry Fine- on May 4, 1975 at the age of 77. Moe and Larry were mainstays in the line-up- of the third Stooge- Curly Howard  died at the age of 48 in 1952,  Shemp Howard in 1955 at the age of 60, Joe Besser in 1988 at the age of 80 and Curly Joe DeRita died at 83 in 1993. Who was my favorite Stooge? Iggy Stooge of course- [pictured below}

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  • Tragedy in Marietta, Ohio as thirty-two elderly patients are killed in a fire at the Harmer House Center nursing home. State regulators had said that the fire-resistant construction was so good no sprinkler system was require. The burning of the facility’s carpet and its rubber backing led to nearly all the victims dying of smoke inhalation.
  • In another tragedy- in Ecuador fifty died when a ferryboat sank in shark infested waters during a crossing of the Gulf of Guayaquil.

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  • The movie Tick, Tick, Tick- premiered. The movie starring former football great Jim Brown- playing an African-American elected sheriff in a rural southern county has over the years become a cult classic. Also starring in the film are  George Kennedy and in his penultimate performance- Fredric March.

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  1. Seeing Larry with a violin just doesn’t seem right. Good evasive tactic with Iggy, who looks a lot like my cousin Craig, even though Craig never dressed like that. Horrific on the mass death — they should have strung up some state regulators on that one. Horrific on the Ecuadorian ferry deaths. Never heard of Tick Tick Tick but sounds like a good one to see. James Brown can handle those klanbois I bet.

  2. I remember reading something a while back about the Stooges not being treated very well….by their manager or greedy people involved with their career…… 😦

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