Bruce Channel - Hey Baby

Billboard #1 Hits: #66: “Hey! Baby”- Bruce Channel. March 10, 1962. #1 for 3 weeks. Released on Smash Records. Written by Margaret Cobb and Bruce Channel. Genre: Pop. Time: 2:27. B-side:”Dream Girl” Album: Hey! Baby. Grade: C

To my ears the only redeeming  aspect of this song is the harmonica riff played  by the great Delbert McClinton. But John Lennon must have liked it he included it in his jukebox. It may have been the harmonica/ McClinton that he liked about the song. While touring the United Kingdom in 1962 Lennon met McClinton and got some tops from him on playing the harmonica.

“Hey! Baby” was a hit in the UK- peaking at #2 on the UK Singles Chart.  Bruce Channel [born  Bruce McMeans in 1940 ] would qualify as a one hit wonder- while he would have a total of 5 Hot 100 singles- “Hey! Baby” was the only Top 40 hit of his career.



One response to “BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #66: “HEY! BABY”- BRUCE CHANNEL- MARCH 10, 1962

  1. I used to follow a mildly popular Southern college circuit band who endeared themselves to all the Frats by mischievously changing the chorus.

    For me, the only ever Delbert McClinton song is “You Were Never Mine.”

    I heard it in a bookstore in Atlanta years after it was released and instantly thought, “Well isn’t this just the story of my life.”

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