Hans Remembers Sunday January 4, 1970- 50 years ago.

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  • An end of an era moment- the final game that would ever be played in the old American Football League- in AFL Championship Game- the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Oakland Raiders 17-7 and advanced to Super Bowl IV. The Chiefs won three AFL Championships in the ten year history of the league. Starting in the 1970 season the AFL would become the AFC- and add three teams from the old NFL-the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Colts and Cleveland Browns. The NFL would become the NFC- the entire league would go under the old established name the National Football League.

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  • In the NFL Championship the Minnesota Vikings smashed the Cleveland Browns 27-7 to win the final old NFL Championship. The Chiefs and Vikings would play on January 18 in Super Bowl IV with the Vikings being the heavy favorite.

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  • Keith Moon the drummer for The Who ran over and killed his bodyguard/chauffeur Neil Boland. An intoxicated Moon was fleeing a hostile crowd of Hatfield, Hertford. Boland had driven Moon, his wife and two friends to Hatfield to attend the opening of the Red Lion discotheque when he got out of the car to keep the crowd away. Moon was dragged underneath Moon’s Bentley as Moon was trying to drive away from the scene. The death was ruled an accident. Although Moon was intoxicated charged with a crime.

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  • In Houston, Texas NASA’s Deputy Chief George Low announced changes in NASA’s moon exploration schedule and the cancellation of Apollo 20 which was scheduled to take place in 1973. In the revised schedule Low announced that Apollo 13,14, 15, 16 would land before the end of 1971, that Apollo would be paused for the launch of the Skylab space station in July 1972 and that Apollo 17, 18, 19 would take place in 1973 and 1974.  Later on there would be more revisions- the last Apollo mission to go to the Moon would be Apollo 17 in December 1972.

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  • In New York City- the NYC transit fare was raised from 20 C to 30 C. A new and large token would be used. The cost today is $2.75.

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    • Some great Dolphin games in the early 70’s–the sea of hands game sticks out.. the OT game with Ed Podolak gaining all those yards for KC.

  1. I lived in NYC for a while during the late 80s and mid 90s when they still had tokens. I was in a particularly bad mood one day going to work and had to stop and buy some tokens and had a rude awakening: the fare had gone up! I don’t remember how much it was (some piddling amount, really) but I do recall being outraged. Ah, the good old days…

    • I have been to NYC a few times but haven’t had the honor of riding on their subway! I always hate when they do things like that- they sneak it up on you! Did you like living in NYC? From my experience a nice place to visit but..

  2. Exactly. It was good for experience in my late 20s and early 30s, but I would NOT want to live in NYC now as an “older” person. I would see elderly people walking up the millions of stairs from the subway to the street above, clinging to the railing, one step at a time and think….oh my god, I have to get out of here! Got out just before 911, actually…

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