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Every Wednesday  I am going to countdown my list of favorite songs from The Beatles as solo artists- one a week until we reach #1 at the end of 2020. In making this list I am not going to be influenced by chart positions- some on the list were not singles but album cuts. I have left off #1 hits. While I am more of a fan of their career as The Beatles- there have been a lot of great songs from their solo years. I began with a list of well over 100 songs but instead of doing a Hot 100 decided on doing 60.

I am not going to try a list of BEST- but a list of my favorite songs that John, Paul, George and Ringo have done as solo artists. In making the list I am not being influenced by chart positions- I have left a some songs that went to #1 off the list- some of my entries were never released as singles. While I am much more a fan of their career with The Beatles- there are a lot of great songs from the solo days- I almost expended the list because I ended up having to leave some songs that I love off the list.

Not to reveal anymore than this but the 60 break down like this- John and Paul both have 19, George 14 and Ringo 8.

#60 “Walk With You”- Ringo Starr 2010 from Ringo’s Y Not album. Written by Richard Starkey and Van Dyke Parks. Ringo went to Van Dyke Parks and asked him to collaborate on a ‘God song”- Parks reply was that he didn’t write about God. The song ended up being about friendship. Originally Paul was only going to play bass on one of the songs on Ringo’s Y Not album  “Peace Dream” but Ringo had played him a couple of the other tracks he was working on one of them being “Walk With You” and Paul developed the trailing duet in the melody of the song.

The first time I heard this song was on a radio show called Breakfast With The Beatles. I found the song so moving that I went out and bought the album. Ringo’s work in the past couple decades have been worth listening to if you are a Beatles./ Ringo fan.

Van Dyke Parks is a musician, songwriter, arranger, and record producer most famous for his work with The Beach Boys Brian Wilson. He was the lyricist for Wilson when Wilson was recording the famous Smile album that was to be the Beach Boys follow up to Pet Sounds. Smile was touted by Wilson as being a ” teenage symphony to God. The original project was never released making it possibly the most famous unreleased album in rock history.


  1. Nice idea for a series!

    While I think it’s fair to say Ringo isn’t a master songwriter, especially compared to his other former band mates, I also feel he’s sometimes underrated. Plus, it’s not like everything John, Paul and George have written was ingenious!

    I agree with you this is a moving tune, and I dig the fact he recorded it with McCartney.

    A couple of months ago, I finally made the decision to see Ringo with his All Starr Band and got a ticket for early June. They will be playing the beautiful Beacon Theatre in New York City. I’m already getting excited about it!

    • Thanks. .. Who is in his band this time around? I know he is coming to Pittsburgh sometime in the summer may think about seeing him again… Ringo is one of those who was always underrated i think.

  2. He always gets impressive lineups. For this tour, the band includes Steve Lukather, Colin Hay, Gregg Rolie, Warren Ham, Gregg Bissonette and Hamish Stuart. Apparently, former All Starr member Edgar Winter is going to be the opening act. Should be fun!

  3. Though I am fan of Ringo’s work (I wanna be santa claus, vertical man, la de da, heartbeat, wrack my brain …) I am afraid this song wouldn’t even make my top 200, but I am interested to see where the list goes.

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