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Billboard #1 Hits: #51: “Travelin’ Man”- Ricky Nelson. May 29, 1961. #1 for 2 weeks. Released on Imperial Records. Written by Jerry Fuller. Genre: Pop. Time: 2:24. B side: “Hello, Mary Lou.” Grade: A+

Songwriter Jerry Fuller wrote “Travelin’ Man’ with Sam Cooke in mind but Cooke’s manager wasn’t impressed and the song was passed along to Ricky Nelson who loved it. Nelson would have a double sided hit- with “Travelin’ Man’ going to #1, Nelson’s second and final #1-  and the b-side:”Hello, Mary Lou” peaking at #9. Nelson used Elvis Presley’s backup singers The Jordanaires on the song as he often did. Playing guitar the legendary James Burton.

4 responses to “BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #51: “TRAVELIN’ MAN’- RICKY NELSON- MAY 29, 1961

  1. Being on that show certainly helped him get noticed but I wonder if it hurt is credibility later on? He had some great singles but isn’t looked at like some of his peers.

    Off Topic: When going through that book I wanted to ask you this…I remember it as a kid…I was wondering if you do…when Pascual Perez and Reggie Smith wanted to fight and the Dodgers and Pirates met in the tunnels during the game to fight in Pittsburgh…the field emptied… Dusty Baker said it was like boys (Dodgers) and men (Pirates) because they were so big. Stargell calmed everyone down…and there was no room to throw punches lol.

    • I was at that game- it was strange no one at the time knew what was going on everyone clearing the field and dugouts and going back under. We all figured it was a fight but who ever saw something like that? It was one of the strangest things I’ve seen at a ballgame [or in this case didn’t see}

    • That was cool that you were there. I don’t guess it was much you could see. Reggie Smith had a temper and a half and wasn’t even playing that day.

      It’s nice revisiting these old players. I’ve looked up a lot of stats lately. Lasorda simply wore Fernando out.

    • At the time Perez was still young-no one knew how erratic his behavior was going to become… yes there wasn’t much to see- everyone just emptied out of the field and through the dugouts. It was strange sitting there for a while in the middle of a game and not a player in sight! During those days I always took a radio to the game with me and the story of what happened slowly came out…… Lasorda wore out a lot of pitchers didn’t he- Hershiser during his great run in ’88 -he would lead the league in IP for three years in a row then in .90….

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