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Billboard #1 Hits: #12- “Come Softly To Me”- The Fleetwoods. #1 April 13, 1959- 4 weeks. Released on Dolphin Records. Written by Gretchen Christopher, Barbara Ellis and Gary Troxel. Genre: Pop. Time:2:25. B-side: “I Care So Much. Grade: A

“Come Softly To Me” -The Fleetwoods when I hear it- I immediately think of the 1986 movie “Stand By Me” in which it is featured on the soundtrack. The song was originally called “Come Softly” but Bob Reisdorf of Dolphin Records considered it to risque so he changed it to “Come Softly To Me”- the title phrase which doesn’t appear in the lyric. The song was recorded a cappella with just Gary Troxel’s  shaking car keys- then it was sent to Los Angeles where a they added a little instrumental accompaniment was added-including a little acoustic guitar by Bonnie Guitar. The Fleetwoods- from Olympic, Washington would have a second #1 in late 1959- with ‘Mr. Blue.”

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  1. I remember this song and it’s sweet. I’m seeing several advertisements on your page, Hans, which I’ve never seen before. Did something change on your end? I just updated Firefox, which may have changed things on my end.

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