Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 158. The four singles today are from the week of October 4, 1969- “You’ll Never Walk Alone”- Brooklyn Bridge, “I’ll Bet You”- Funkadelic, “Delta Lady”- Joe Cocker and “Eternity”- Vikki Carr.

Brooklyn Bridge: You'll Never Walk Alone / Minstral Sunday   [new w/  mfg slv]

514. “You’ll Never Walk Alone”- The Brooklyn Bridge. Buddah. Pop. Written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein for the musical “Carousel” B:Side:” Minstral Sunday” Peaked at #51 and 6 weeks in the Hot 100. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is famous as the song that Jerry Lewis would sing every year at the end of the Labor Day telethon- and the song they sing at Liverpool Football Club games- it was also a hit three other times #34 in 1964 for Patti Labelle and her Blue Belles, “#48 1965 Gerry and The Pacemakers and “#90 in 1968 for some fella named Elvis.  This was the 4th of 4 Hot 100 singles for The Brooklyn  Bridge in 1969. Grade: C


Image result for i'll bet you funkadelic single images

515. “I’ll Bet You”- Funkadelic. Westbound.  Funk. Soul. written by George Clinton, Sidney Barnes and Theresa Lindsey. B:Side”Open Your Eyes.” Peaked at #63 and spent 7 weeks in the Hot 100. Like Kool and The Gang- I didn’t realize that George Clinton and his Parliament/ Funkadelic were on the charts as far back as the 60’s. This was the first of 16 Parliament/Funkadelic single out of 16 to make the Hot 100- the 4 that made the Top 40 would be by Parliament. Grade: B


Image result for delta lady joe cocker single images

516. “Delta Lady”- Joe Cocker. A&M. Pop. Written by Leon Russell for his then girlfriend Rita Coolidge. B-side:” She’s So Good To Me.” Peaked at #69 and spent 6 weeks in the Hot 100. Cocker had 3 Hot 100 singles it would be the 3rd one “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” which would be the first Top 40 hit. Grade: A.


Image result for eternity vikki carr single images


517. “Eternity”-Vikki Carr. Liberty. Pop. Written by Bob Crewe and Charlie Fox. B:side:” I Will Wait For Love” Peaked at #79 and spent 4 weeks in the Hot 100. The second of 2 1969 Hot 100 singles by Vikki Carr- her biggest hit was back in 1967 “It Must Be Him.” The intro of “Eternity” borrowed from Mozart’s 40th Symphony. Grade: C



  1. The first song started out pretty good then fizzled. I’d like to know what Joe Cocker does to his larynx to make his voice sound like that? My guess is sand paper. It sounds good but it also sounds painful.

    • Good point on Cocker- very raw sounding. I found it hard to believe that his version ‘With A Little Help From My Friends” wasn’t a big hit- it might be the best Beatles cover ever- or at worst in the discussion. It does sound like it had to have hurt when he sang!

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