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Three Chords And The Truth: Essential Country Music Songs- “Walking The Floor Over You”- Ernest Tubb. “Walking The Floor Over You”- Ernest Tubb’s signature song from 1941- is said to be the first honky tonk song. Written by Tubb the single sold over a million copies back in the early 1940’s. The original version was pretty basic- Tubb singing and on acoustic guitar and Smitty Smith on electric guitar. He would re-record the song a number of times over the years and it would be a much covered song- from great artists like Bing Crosby and Glen Campbell to lame Pat Boone and many in between. In the early 70’s Tubb re-recorded the song with Merle Haggard. I’ve been listening to Tubb the last couple days- will write more on him tomorrow. Below is the original “Walking The Floor Over You” from 1941.


    • I think that is part of the reason you and I don’t care for progressive music as much. I like basic because it is effective and it has soul.

      Off Topic – Who do you like with the Nationals and Cardinals? I think the Nationals may finally get to the WS. Funny part is they finally won a playoff series and Harper is gone.

    • You know that is a good point that I hadn’t thought of before- I think you are right…. I would favor the Nats with their pitching- but the Cardinals you can never count them out. I’d pick Nats- Astros in the series….. I read where Roberts will be back next year.

    • Yes they announced it to calm the rumors down. People are still fuming over it lol. My heart goes out to Kershaw. I’ve never seen the guy look like that before.

      I know….the Cardinals have a way historically of pulling off the upset…like the 2006 team.

      I’m happy for Nats fans becasue they have had near misses in the past. The Yankees – Astros should be a good series though.

    • Yes hated to see Kershaw looking like that- always root for him to do well. That would be great now if Nats go to the series without Harper!… off topic- have you ever read the book “Love Me Do”- The Beatles Progress by Michael Braun? I had never seen a copy before but it has been republished- got it in the mail yesterday- its a very quick read. It was written back when Beatlemania was breaking out in England- and before The Beatles took over the world. I am enjoying it.

    • I’ve never read that before…that sounds like a cool read because it will be real-time so to speak. I’ll have to look for that.

    • I had read good things about it before but never could find a copy- somehow I stumbled across the news it was being re-issued. Yes that’s the great thing- the author was in England and had access to them at the time- and of course who would have known then- no one could have dreamed what ended up happening.

    • That is the fun part of reading that…history while it is happening….and knowing what we know now. I’ll look on Amazon.

    • I haven’t seen it in a story- only on amazon. for a long time i kept looking and it was only available used for a very high price. Now a reasonably priced paperback!

    • I am 2/3rds of the way through- it is a very fast read but well worth the $20 or so- it does cover the first trip to America- its like being there! Hope you enjoy.

    • The audio version is coming out the 15th…I’m excited to read/listen to it. It’s nice to have something to hold us over until Mark’s book. I’ll get the hard copy also of it.

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