• BILL MONROE AND HIS BLUE GRASS BOYS: THE ESSENTIAL BILL MONROE AND HIS BLUE GRASS BOYS 1945-49: 1992: BLUEGRASS. COUNTRY. GRADE: A++. CD. How many musicians can say they started an entire genre of music? Bill Monroe is the Father of Bluegrass- and no one has ever topped him. Monroe’s career spanned an incredible 69  years- during that period he was a singer, instrumentalist-composer and a bandleader. This double set is the best of the best- Monroe and his band at the time which included the great Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.

  •  BILL MONROE: 16 GEMS: 1996: BLUEGRASS, COUNTRY. GRADE: A++. CD: This is a companion set to the above double CD set- of the music of Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys from 1945-49- the glory years with Lester and Earl. This set contains the originally released tracks from that time. Superb. In Bill Monroe I Trust.

  • BILL MONROE: BLUE GRASS 1950-58:  1994: BLUEGRASS COUNTRY. GRADE: A+. Bear Family has released over the years box sets containing the studio work of the great Bill Monroe- in his 4 disc set they cover the years 1950-58- Flatt and Scruggs are gone but Monroe is still in his prime years and his band is still top rate. Today I listened to the first 2 discs of the 4- will finish this set up tomorrow and most likely move on to the 1960 box set after that. Looks like I will spend at least a few days with Mr. Monroe.