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The Sounds of Autumn: 10/90: Wednesday October 2, 2019: “Moondance”- Van Morrison. I have noticed in searching for songs about Autumn that Van Morrison is like The Beach Boys of Autumn songs- no question over the next few months I will be featuring a number of songs from Van as I did The Beach Boys during the summer. “Moondance” was the title track of Van’s third solo album – released in February 1970. His previous album “Astral Weeks” had been a critical success but a commercial failure.
Moondance” is probably the most accessible album of his long career and it was both a critical success and the commercial success his record company was looking for. While there was only one Top 40 pop hit on the album “Come Running” #39- there are a a few songs that have become staples over the years on classic rock stations- the title track “Moondance” being possibly the most prominent.


  1. Bring on the Van…come to think of it he does love writing about Autumn.

    Off-Topic: Do you agree with the Pirates firing Clint Hurdle?

    • I think this is just a move by the Pirates to make some fans happy. No one not even Stengel or Weaver could win with that motley crew. Since they won’t spend any money in the off-season or make any notable deals that help them- fire the manager. Hurdle I believe was the least of their problems but the one bone management could throw fans… I see the headlines in March how whoever the new manager is has this team on their toes and good things are ahead…

    • That is what I thought. I always thought he was a good manager…with what he has to work with. All I have to see is trading Cole…to tell the story.
      To do the right thing you would have to fire the owner.

    • Yes until the headline is Team Sold- its not going to matter- this will be their biggest off-season move that and signing a couple pitchers who have had a couple Tommy John surgeries and some outfielder who missed most of the past two seasons due to injury. Sad. He could have a big payday selling the team–wish he’d consider it.

    • You would think MLB would see a fan base being pissed off and they would do something. This guy… it’s pretty obvious he really isn’t trying to win. To win I’m not saying sign Bruce Harper…you have to keep your players though.

    • MLB talks of all these crazy changes- this one would be an obvious and easy fix- and you know how it works they did it for nearly 100 years…. I think he’d like to win- but actually paying a price to win- no- he’d rather make money than win when it comes down to it. I realize its a business but…make an effort.

    • What makes it maddening is if this was New York or LA…something would probably have been done.
      Tampa Bay I get…they hardly have a fan base at all…and to me should move. The Pirates do have a good one and when they win or are competitive they come out to support them…that was proven a few years ago….just watching it on tv it was electric there.

    • I only went to one game this season- I am fed up- and so is the entire area- attendance will continue to fall in Pittsburgh. The Steelers and Penguins whether they have a good season or not- the fans know they are trying their best. The Pirates everyone knows Nutting only cares about making money.

    • I just looked up the worth of the Pirates 1.2 billion.
      The article was listing the owners in order from Great to bad…out of 30 he was 29 with this quote…. “As long as this once-proud franchise is held hostage by the tight-fisted owner, it’s destined to be a chronic underachiever.”

      Something you already know I know.

    • Who was #30? That statement sums it up. He could make a big payday by selling. I recall a few years ago the money man behind Mario Lemeaux wanted to talk and Nutting wasn’t interested. He has said his girls will take over the team when he goes. I guess that’s a threat.

    • lol that may be part of the reason. When they finally do spend money…they pay over 100 million for the modern Dave Kingman.

    • What a terrible signing. They should just let him go and pay him off- not like he’s going to produce for them. at least it would show a commitment to trying to improve.

    • Fans knew when he was signed…this will not be good. It felt like Ryan Howard all over again. For a cheap owner…just a dumb mistake .
      Yes I actually feel sorry for the guy to a point…until I remember what he signed for.

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